Story Games Weekly #56 - The Best in Indie RPG's
Story Games Weekly #56

New Games

Just Sentinels

An Apocalypse World hack bringing the world of the Sentinels of the Multiverse card game into roleplaying.

Free PDF

Kim and Marshall

A freeform game by Hans Chung-Otterson about power dynamics in relationships, as told through the relationship of Marshall Mathers (Eminem) and Kim Scott.

Pay What You Want PDF

Tenocha: Heroic Adventures

A game by Levi Kornelsen, Tenocha is a slowly collapsing accord of city-states, occupying a jungle-covered continent that is populated primarily by humans and mostly-humans, using a clever hack of Fudge dice.

PDF: Pay What You Want

Torchbearer Halloween Classes

Jared Sorensen is giving away tons of Torchbearer classes for Halloween; take a look at the Dhampir Vampire Hunter, the Witch, the Revenant, the Human Skinchanger.



Indie+ Subscriber Drive

Indie+, on the tireless efforts of Richard Rogers and other awesome people, brings gaming, panels, and lots of other great content to Youtube. Subscribe to their channel, and help unlock lots of cool rewards from Meg Baker, John Wick and more.

Peeling Back The Curtain on Progressive Game Development

The new edition of Dark Ages; Vampire is on kickstarter, and has an all-star and diverse team of writers. Led by David Hill, and including awesome people like Anna Krieder, Renee Knipe, this article talks about what they worked on, and how they made the setting more progressive.

Kickstarter: here

The Mysterious Costs of Publishing... Revealed!

Fred Hicks of Evil Hat has a ton of great information on the costs of all steps of the publishing process.


Queering Human-Game Relations

The keynote from QGCon, Merritt Kopas and Naomi Clark have a great talk about the nature of the relationship between human beings and games, the stories we tell about games and the way they shape us, what assumptions we make about human-game relations and how we might be able to queer them.

Text of talk is available here

I Am But A Simple Merchant

Quinn Murphy has his reworking of drow into something very interesting.

One Seven Design Hangout #2

John Harper, J. Walton, and Stras Acimovic get together for a free ranging conversation on game design and theory.

Why I love Swords Without Master

Keith Stetson outlines his love for this game.


Night Witches

Night Witches is a tabletop RPG about Soviet airwomen during World War Two, flying daring night time bombing missions in biplanes by Bully Pulpit Games, the people behind Fiasco, Durance, and other great games.

The Ruined Empire

An anime-inspired system neutral RPG campaign sourcebook with a Final Fantasy-esque feel. It tells the story of five nations in conflict, ripe with adventure, danger, and campaign hooks, with a mind to social issues, and an idea-rich jumping off point for your own games.

Last week and almost to funding!


Critical Success: Voicing Characters

James D'Amato has a lovely podcast on GM techniques, and this one is about how to improve your command of voices.

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