Story Games Weekly #58 - The Best in Indie RPG's
Story Games Weekly #58

New Games

Eclipse Phase Fate Conversation

Ryan Macklin and Jack Graham have been working on a conversion of Eclipse Phase to Fate, and now it's available for playtesting.

The Clay That Woke

Minotaurs in a human civilization sundered by a surreal, trackless jungle. A wholly new RPG from the designer of My Life with Master. Now available in PDF and Print, with sets of the special tokens needed to run the game.

The Stockholm Scenario Festival

The 2014 Festival presents games from the festival, tons of them in English. We'll be highlighting various ones over times, but there's a wonderful collection of great games here.


Some Great Resources for Making Games

Stephanie Bryant has a follow-up to her article on some of the difficulties of making games, and lists a number of awesome resources for helping the creation process.

A Fiasco Playset Competition

RPGGeek is hosting a Fiasco playset competition with prizes! Create a playset based on celebrations, and win Bully Pulpit products!


Differentiation: Mechanical vs Fictional

Chris Chinn looks at how mechanics and fiction interact, and how you can create differences via fiction and mechanics.

Larp and Activism

Lizzie Stark talks about the convergences of larp and activism. Check out as well part two, focusing on larp's relations to the real world, and it's status as a WYSIWYG activity

No Clues Without Consequences

Will Hindmarch has some thoughts on the GUMSHOE system, and about it's simple complexity.

The Life of a Modern-Day Dungeonmaster

Nicole He talks about the transition from being a player to a new Dungeon Master.


Protocol Game Series Two

A series of fast roleplaying games designed to get to the heart of drama and fun for any experience level.


Making the Transition

Rob Donoghue has some thoughts about scene framing, and about thinking about mechanizing the space between scenes.

Important Questions For Your Campaign

Scrap Princess has a list of questions that any campaign should be able to answer.

Running Primetime Adventures at Cons

A great set of advice from Thomas Deeny on how to run a one-shot of this series-oriented game at cons.

Fantastic Free Fonts and Where To Find Them

Plato Web Design has an awesome collection of free fonts, great for your next game.

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