Story Games Weekly #59 - The Best in Indie RPG's
Story Games Weekly #59

New Games

EPOCH: The Experiment Continues

Advice, guidelines for scenarios, new card decks, and new scenarios for EPOCH, the horror rpg.

PDF: $6.99

Worlds Without Master

Tales of redemption and necromancy, and a game about escaping a dark dungeon where the mechanic is lighting matches on fire. Worlds Without Master fails to disappoint again.

PDF: $3.99 (provide your own matches)

Reality Makes The Best Fantasy

The first book of this system neutral guide on how to add flavor to your fantasy game, fantasy author Tristan J Tarwater has nine articles on how to use mundane items and individuals to bring excitement.

PDF: $0.99 (on sale)

Into the Odd

A fast, simple game in the OSR style, Into the Odd is about adventurers seeking Arcana, strange devices hosting unnatural powers beyond technology in a deadly setting where you depend on your wits. One of John Harper's favorite games of the year.

PDF: $7.99, Print: $14.99


Indie Cornucopia +2

A collection of great indie games: Torchbearer (with even more classes), Nobilis, Chuubo, Uresia, Rocket Age, and Lords of Gossamer and Shadow all for one low price

Worldbuilder's Toolkit

A large collection of texts for building out a game world, adding characters and plots, and advice on designing adventures.

The Analog XP #6

Articles on how to translate games between languages, a diary on designing one game a month for a year, and a GMless story game about enemies isolated on a hostile planet.


Visual Design as Metaphor: The Evolution Of A Character Sheet

Jason Morningstar writes in the Analog Game Studies journal about the evolution of his character sheet for Night Witches, this article has a lot of great insights about creating character sheets for any game, as well as the value of continual playtesting.

The Illusionist's Lament

Will Hindmarch writes about Illusionism, and why it's not to be feared.

Using Amazon Fulfillment to Ship Your Kickstarter Project

Matt Worden is writing on a series on using Amazon for Kickstarter fulfillment. Lots of great details and breakdowns of cost.

My Life With Games - Showdown

Seth Ben-Ezra has some great thoughts on his game Showdown, and how the design evolved over the six years of its life.

Accessibility Issues for Game Designers

Jason Pitre & Russell Collins talk about accessibility during a recorded panel at Metatopia

Larp and Activism: A match made in heaven?

Lizzie Stark talks about the possibilities of larp for addressing questions of social justice.


20 Master Plots And How To Build Them

Josh Jordan points out a great book for coming up with plots for your game.

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