Story Games Weekly #69 - The Best in Indie RPG's
Story Games Weekly #69

New Games

Indie Mixtape: The New Hotness

18 (!) new games, all based around on a song. This issue's theme is Songs That Turn You On. All the proceeds go to benefit members of the indie community in need.

PDF: $9.99

Silent Legions

Silent Legions is a game of modern-day Lovecraftian horror, one carefully designed to support sandbox adventures by hard-bitten investigators and fearless hunters of the dark by the prolific creator of Stars Without Number, Kevin Crawford

PDF: $19.99, Softcover: $34.99, Hardcover: $39.99


This is a storygame about the ladies-in-waiting to Eleanor of Aquitaine, an intriguing medieval queen. Around this queen a hidden women's culture emerged—subtle, intangible, poetic and not less passionate. In the middle of it is the capricious and unfathomable Queen.

PDF: Pay What You Want

The Vengeful Demon of the Ring

A Vincent Baker microgame that's exploring the space of 'unwitting players'.

Katanas and Trenchcoats, Episode 1: Welcome to Darkest Vancouver

Ryan Macklin's love letter to the 90's: Do you yearn to portray the passionate and harrowing drama of awesome Immortals in a secret supernatural world? If you meet another Immortal in on a windswept street, do you fight with swords as your way of saying hello? If so, this game is for you.

PDF: $4.99 Premium More Metal PDF: $9.99


On the Business of Tabletop RPGs

A wonderfully long set of links discussing the business of making rpgs, well curated by T.W. Wombat.

The Fate Codex, Volume 2, Issue 1

New volume of the Fate magazine starts off with pieces on adding variant aspects to the Deck of Fate, playing Fate in two hours, and a world of exploration.

PDF: $2.99


Breaking Up With Your Gaming Group

The ConTessa crew talks about when it's needed to move on from your gaming group, or how to deal with problem players.

Making Multiplayer Magic

Nine digital indie game makers talk about how to make multiplayer games fun.

Kickstart Your Weekend: Elizabeth Chaipraditkul Interview

A cool interview with Liz C about her upcoming game, Witch. The kickstarter is done, but who cares, the art is phenonemonal and you can just wait till you can buy the game.


Epyllion, A Dragon Epic RPG

Play as a clutch of young drakes who must use the power of friendship to protect their homeland from an ever-growing Darkness in this Powered by the Apocalypse game by Marissa Kelly.


The Big Pitch

Advice on how to pitch a game, in just a few seconds.


In Their Own Worlds

In Their Own Worlds is a project by game designer and photographer J.R. Blackwell that will photograph authors in the worlds of their novels. Includes Chuck Wendig, Ellen Kushner, PJ Schnyder, and more!

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