Story Games Weekly #61 - The Best in Indie RPG's
Story Games Weekly #61

New Games

The Deep Forest

The Deep Forest is a map game of post-colonial weird fantasy. It’s a re-imagining of The Quiet Year, one that centres upon monstrosity and decolonization. A collaboration between Mark Diaz Truman and Avery Mcdaldno.

PDF: Free

Indie+ 2014 Anthology

As a reward for getting so many subscribers, Indie+ released an anthology chock full of awesome games and writing from Quinn Murphy, Shoshana Kessock, Jenn Martin, Rich Rogers, and many more.

Check out all of Indie+'s videos here!

Golden Cobra Anthology

A massive PDF anthology of most of the Golden Cobra entries, enough freeform to last you for a year.


Designers & Dragons Now Available

Shannon Appelcline's four volume, four decade history of RPGs, now available in both PDF and Print.

$10 PDF/volume, $40 all PDFs, $140 in all hardcover

A Look Back at 2014

RPGGeek has a good summary of trends and important events in 2014.


An Overview of Social Mechanics in AW Games

Johnstone Metzger has a lot of thoughts about how social moves work in Apocalypse World.

Top 5 Design Debates I Ignored in 2014

Daniel Cook comes from the digital world, but every one of these debates he ignores is one that happens in analog games as well.

Dr. Tom Show w/Whitney Delaglio

The only RPG show hosted by a frog, this time Dr. Tom talks with Whitney Delaglio about her webcomic Prism, and the upcoming RPG based on it.

Conversations in Design w/Luke Crane

Sean Nittner's excellent podcast Narrative Control has Luke Crane on to talk about the state of the design world, and our culture of hacking.

Final Thoughts on Pendragon

Dymphna has some thoughts on the Pendragon game she played in, and gender roles in general.


Random Superhero Aspect Chart

Need a random aspect for your superhero fate game? Well, this chart by Don Bisdorf has 81 of them!

GMProv - It's a Setup

From a series of blog posts on the overlap between GMing and Improv, this one focuses on how to set up scenes in extremely rapid fashion.

Hacking a New Phase

Keith Stetson has reflections on how to add more phases to Swords Without Master.


The Big Feel

The Big Feel is the first annual festival for the exploration of evocative play, games that carry emotional impact for the players, spur awareness on a given subject, and/or cultivate empathy regarding a given experience.

Jan 8th-11th Portland

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