Trust Only In God!
By Marshall Gonzalez
As I listened to “talk radio” the other day, I found what the “experts” were saying about the economy rather interesting.  First, one said that everything was looking great. “We have nothing to fear, the economy is on the way up,” he said. Then, on the same radio station, about one hour later, another “expert” came on and said that the economy is bad and getting worse. He said that things are not going to look good for a long time. Well, whom are you going to believe? Whom are you going to trust?
I can honestly say that I too, along with many others, have been affected by this economy. I heard of one person who lost millions in one day! Many are concerned and don’t know what to do or where to turn in times like these. With so much contradiction, where do you go? Who do you trust? Let me share with you a few verses from the Bible that I have found comforting.
Psalm 37:25 says, “I have been young, and now am old; yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his descendants begging bread.” David says that throughout his many years, he has seen many things. But one thing he has not seen is God forgetting to provide for those who trust in Him. Well could have David said, “I have seen what some would call the “good times” and what others would call the “bad times”. Yet throughout all of these times God has made sure that those who trust in Him have what they need to make it through the day.”
Jesus says in Matthew 6:33, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”  If you read the previous verses, you will find out that the “all these things” that Jesus is referring to are food, clothing, and a roof over our head. In essence, Jesus is saying that our seeking must not be for the basic things in life first; rather our seeking should first be for His kingdom, for His righteousness. Could it be that He knew that we might put our trust in that piece of paper that has “In God We Trust” written on it more than God Himself?
We need to learn to trust in God and Him only. He is the provider of all things! But we can only put our trust in someone that we know. You cannot trust in a total stranger. Yet as you talk to him, and get to know him over time, then you grow to trust him. We can only learn to trust God as we spend time with Him in His Word and communicate with Him through prayer.
The economy will always go up and down. There will always be winners and losers. But God is someone you can always count on. In Malachi 3:6 God says, “For I am the Lord, I do not change….” And in Hebrews 13:8 He says He, “is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”  That is something you can bank on!
Finally, Proverbs 3:5,6 states, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” There is the secret to true success! Don’t trust in the economy, in riches, nor in man. Trust only in God!

Stewardship Children's Story
June Bug Hugs
by Lynette Ecord

June means the beginning of summer. All sorts of bugs and insects start showing up when the weather gets warmer in the Spring and Summer.  One of those insects is the June Bug.  I’m sure you’ve seen them. If you’re like me, they’re not your favorite insect. They seem to want to fly right toward you.  And when they get near enough, they will grab ahold of your hair or your clothing and hold on tight with their tiny strong claws! When you try to remove them, they seem to hold on even tighter.  If you hold them in your hand, they will tickle your palm, and some species have an iridescent green or blue color on their shells that shimmers in the sunlight.  At night they will wear themselves completely out trying to stay close to the lights, and in the morning you will find quite a few of them laying on their backs on the ground.  Even though you might be frightened by them flying around you or attaching themselves to your hair or clothes, they really are harmless. They can’t bite or sting you.   

 You know, I think there are some things that we can learn from watching the June Bugs.  Just like the June Bug is always trying to get closer to the light, we should always be trying to get closer to Jesus, the Light of The World!  And just like the June Bug doesn’t want to let go once it’s attached to something, we should cling to Jesus with all our might and not let anything come between us!  The closer we stay to Jesus, the happier our lives will be. 
Counsels on Stewardship
by Ellen G. White
We must all be rich in good works in this life, if we would secure the future, immortal life. When the judgment shall sit, and the books shall be opened, every man will be rewarded according to his works. Many names are enrolled on the church book that have robbery recorded against them in the ledger of heaven. And unless these repent, and work for the Master with disinterested benevolence, they will certainly share in the doom of the unfaithful steward. CS 327.2

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Gift Options

Every month we include a different estate planning option to advance the Lord's work.  This month we are considering a living trust.
Do I Need a Living Trust?
by Lynette Ecord
 Living Trusts, also referred to as Revocable Living Trusts, or Revocable Trusts, are legal entities established for the purpose of holding your assets during your lifetime and transferring those assets to your beneficiaries at your death, without the need for going through the probate process.  In the written Trust Agreement, you will specify who will be the Successor Trustee(s) of your Trust, how the Trust assets will be handled, and who the beneficiaries of your Trust assets are after you pass away.  The Trustee(s) that you name is/are responsible for liquidating the assets, paying outstanding debts and final expenses, and making the distributions to your beneficiaries.  Many people are attracted to the idea of a Living Trust because of the appeal of not having to take the estate through probate; however, if the Trust isn’t maintained, then the estate will still have to go through probate to take care of any assets that weren’t placed into the Trust.  This means that every time a bank account is opened or closed, a new IRA or CD are opened, a life insurance policy is obtained, real estate is purchased or sold, investment accounts are opened, etc., the appropriate documents must be prepared that will ‘attach’ that asset to the Trust.  It’s not enough to take care of this when the Trust is established, it must continue to be done each time the assets change for the remainder of your life. 

What does a Trust do that a Will won’t?  As already mentioned, If your assets are all appropriately attached to your Trust, there will be no need for probate.  Avoiding probate saves time and money and keeps your estate information private (if that’s important to you).  A Will, on the other hand, requires that an attorney be hired who will present your Will to the probate judge in probate court, where Letters of Appointment will be issued that will give the person you name as Executor in your Will the authority to handle your assets and make the distribution.  Currently, probate costs in Texas for an average estate are around $3,500, and it may be 6 months or so before the probate hearing can be scheduled in the probate court.  Once your Will has been probated, it will be filed for public record in your county’s probate records.  What most people don’t realize is that there are ways to avoid the probate process without setting up a Living Trust.  This can be done by naming beneficiaries on insurance policies and certain types of cash accounts, establishing Payable on Death designations on checking, savings, and other types of cash accounts, and preparing life estate Deeds for real estate.
So, do you need a Living Trust?  The answer is – it depends.  The best way to determine whether or not you need a Living Trust is by consulting with an attorney.
If you would like to continue a life of stewardship through your own Will or Trust, get in touch with us in the Planned Giving & Trust Services Department and we’ll be happy to assist you, and help you decide what estate planning documents best suit your own particular situation. 
June 2022

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Bug Dad Jokes

When is a baseball player like a spider?  When he catches a fly!

Who comes to a picnic but is never invited? Ants.

What letter can hurt you if it gets too close?  A B (bee).

Why did the fly never land on the computer?  He was afraid of the world wide web.

What do you call a snail on a ship?  A snailor.

What is on the ground and also a hundred feet in the air?  A centipede on its back!
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