Let Freedom Ring
By Lynette Ecord
“Proclaim liberty throughout the land and to all the inhabitants thereof.” – Leviticus 25:10
(This verse is inscribed on the Liberty Bell)
When you smell those hot dogs cooking on the grill, hear the marching bands playing patriotic music, and see the fireworks exploding in the night sky, you know it must be Independence Day!  Of course, we all know that this holiday marks the date in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress.  Historians think that the reason we celebrate with parades and fireworks is thanks to a letter written by John Adams (who would go on to be the second U.S. President) to his wife, Abigail.

In that letter, he predicted that the colonists’ independence would be celebrated by future generations with an annual festival with parades and bonfires.  John Adams also said that “The general principles on which the Fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity.” Interestingly, it was his belief that the Fourth of July should be a religious holiday, and that it should be commemorated as a “day of deliverance by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty.”  He felt that on the Fourth of July the Founding Fathers simply took the precepts of Christ and His birth (Christmas) and incorporated those principles into civil government.  Did you know that of the 56 Founding Fathers, 27 of them were trained as ministers and that the spiritual emphasis, directed toward King George III who violated God’s laws, gave rise to a motto during the American Revolution – “No King but King Jesus!”?

I’m not sure what the Founding Fathers would think of what our country looks like today, but I do know this. I’m ready for another Independence Day. I’m ready to be freed and delivered from this world. Talk about a day of celebration!  And we will go on celebrating through all eternity.

Farewell to Nahum, Rina, and Deyvy Rodriguez
by Lynette Ecord

We are once again bidding farewell to one of our own.  Deyvy Rodriguez has been the Trust Officer for the Austin/ San Antonio/South Texas area for the past five years. During that time there were a lot of changes in his life – most importantly his marriage to Rina, and the birth of their now 3-year-old son, Nahum. Deyvy came to us from 3ABN where he had worked with the Treasurer there. While at 3ABN he completed his master’s degree in Finance from Andrews University. Recently he received a call from the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference to serve as the Undertreasurer for that Conference, an assignment that he is well-trained for. He began his employment with them earlier this month. Please join us in wishing Deyvy, Rina, and Nahum well as they make this transition.  We pray that God will continue to bless their family, and will bless the work that He has brought them to.
Counsels on Stewardship
by Ellen G. White
It often happens that an active businessman is cut down without a moment's warning, and on examination his business is found to be in a most perplexing condition. In the effort to settle his estate, the lawyers’ fees eat up a large share, if not all, of the property, while his wife and children and the cause of Christ are robbed. Those who are faithful stewards of the Lord's means will know just how their business stands, and, like wise men, they will be prepared for any emergency. Should their probation close suddenly, they would not leave such great perplexity upon those who are called to settle their estate. CS 327.3

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Gift Options

Every month we include a different estate planning option to advance the Lord's work.  This month we are considering an endowment fund.
Endowment Funds -
What Are They and How Do They Work?

by Lynette Ecord

An endowment is a fund that non-profit organizations such as the Texas Conference use to accept and hold donations from charitable donors for a specific cause/use/purpose.  Distributions from an endowment fund are made on a regular basis (as specified in the Endowment Agreement) and are generally limited to the income earned on the investment of the monies that were donated to the endowment fund.  Because of this, endowments are perpetual, meaning that they will continue to provide support on an ongoing basis.   
There are currently several endowment funds that benefit various schools within the Texas Conference, as well as an endowment that benefits students who need tuition assistance.  Although these endowments have already been established, most of them continue to accept donations to the principal of the fund.  If you would like to make a tax-deductible charitable donation to an endowment fund you can do so at any time.  You can also include a gift (bequest) to an endowment fund in your Will or Trust.  Contact us for information on what our current endowment funds are benefiting.   For information on what is required to set up a new endowment fund please click here to read our Gift.  
July 2022

Texas Conference July Offering Schedule 
  • 2:  Local Church Budget
  • 9:  World Budget (GC)
  • 16: Local Church Budget
  • 23: Texas Vision:  This offering is divided evenly between the following Texas Conference Projects: Academies, Lake Whitney Ranch.
  • 30:  Local Church Budget
Independence Day Picnic Dad Jokes

Who loves singing the patriotic song that starts with, “Oh say, can you see?”

An optometrist

What do you get when a patriot and a small curly-haired dog collide?

A Yankee Poodle

What do you call a cartoonist who is an American revolutionary?

A Yankee Doodler

What did the American colonists wear to the Boston Tea Party?


What was General Washington’s favorite type of tree?

The infantree.

Where was the Declaration of Independence signed? 

At the bottom!

Do you know why no one in America ever knocks on Independence Day?

Because freedom rings.

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