The New Jerusalem:  Our Promised Inheritance 

Recently, my wife and I returned (along with others from the Texas Conference) from a tour to Israel and Jordan.  We had two guides (a local, licensed guide and an Adventist scholar) who added to and enriched the tour with their lectures and expertise.  Every day we visited three or more historically significant locations that are mentioned in the Bible.  We visited museums, archaeological sites and landmarks where God manifested His providence and power. We observed artifacts that date back to the time of Abraham, Esther, Jesus and Paul, among others.  We walked the streets of Nazareth and Jerusalem, stood on the walls of Jericho, and some dipped their toes, or were rebaptized, in the river Jordan. We visited the Sea of Galilee and floated on the Dead Sea.  We stood on Mount Zion, Carmel, Nebo, Calvary, and the Mount of Olives, drank water from the spring where Gideon chose his three hundred men, and stood in the valley where David fought Goliath. We visited the garden of Gethsemane and went through the Via Dolorosa.  

Uzziel and his wife Juliana at the Western Wall
Lynette and her husband Tim at the burial site of Jesus
Jerrod and his wife Danae at the Dome of the Rock

As we experienced first hand the evidence and tradition of these places and how they were mentioned in the Bible, God’s goodness, justice and mercy shined through. As such, each location was more than “the next stop” or a historical site but an altar, a call, and invitation to recommit our lives to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The One who has so powerfully displayed Himself time and time again and whose record stands as a witness so that we too may believe and be saved (John 20:31).  

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