Walking on Fire
By Uzziel Maldonado
"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;  and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.  When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flame scorch you." Isaiah 43:2
 The hottest days of the year are during the
"dog days of summer" which usually take place between the months of July and August.    This is when a typical lunch walk with the dog can result in burned paws and end in a veterinary visit.    This is also the time when soil settling tends to wreak havoc on structural foundations due to moisture loss.  The excessive heat dries grass to the point where the smallest sparks can result in acres of scorched ground.  To prevent loss of life and property, a county judge will issue a Declaration of Disaster, a proclamation that warns the residents of the precarious situation they are all in.  This heat and the wildfires that are springing up all across Texas, along with our current economy, get me to think of the Biblical Declaration of Disaster issued by God, and the promises embedded in Bible prophecy. 
Consider what Isaiah 43:1 says “But now thus says the Lord, who created you, O Jacob, and He who formed you, O Israel:  Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; You are mine.”  Notice how God states that he is both Creator and Redeemer.  He knows Jacob the man with a broken past full of deceit was adopted, renamed Israel, re-formed, and a work in progress that is complete in Him.  God reminds Israel "you are mine.”  Israel's past, present, and future now belong to God.  Then comes Isaiah 43:2 (see above) which promises two things:  first, difficulties will come your way; second, you will not be alone.  God, who is able to prevent problems from ever taking place, does not promise a carefree life.  Instead, he promises to be by our side in the middle of those problems.  We will get wet when storms come.  We will feel the heat when the flames rise but we will not be alone.  That’s a promise worth singing about and a message worth sharing.
Elsa and Pastor Pedro De La Cruz reside in San Antonio, Texas.
Welcome Pedro De La Cruz
by Marshall Gonzales
We are excited to welcome Pedro De La Cruz as our Trust Officer/ Field Representative for the San Antonio, Valley areas. Pedro was born in Veracruz, Mexico, and studied theology in the Montemorelos University.  He later moved to San Antonio, where he met his lovely wife, Elsa. Pedro and Elsa have two beautiful girls, Iliana and Julia Cecily. For many years Pedro was an Elder in the Durango Spanish Seventh-day Adventist.  Later he became a terrific church planter, lay pastor, and for the last four (4) years pastor for churches in San Antonio and the Valley. He loves to teach the Bible, preach, and reach out to others with the love of Jesus. He will be a great asset to the Planned Giving/ Trust Services Department of the Texas Conference.
Stewardship Heroes
Stewardship is a total lifestyle."  It involves our temple, time, talents, truth, testimony, and treasure.  Below you will find a Texas Conference teacher who did her best to be faithful stewards at her home, church, and community.
A Life Sketch of Dorothy Lee Taylor Sauder
by Ann Sauder

     She was known by many names in her lifetime.  She was born Dorothy Lee Taylor on February 8th 1954, in Manhattan, Kansas to William and Mary Lee Taylor; the second of their six children. Her family called her Dottie. She spent her childhood in Manhattan and Mobile, Alabama, where she was baptized at the age of 9. When she was eleven, the Taylors moved to San Antonio, TX.

     During her time at VGA, she sang in the AYA choir, which remained one of her fondest memories from high school for the rest of her life. She graduated from VGA in 1972 and, following graduation, enrolled in the education program at Southwestern Union College. She was there only a couple of years before she dropped to part-time to pursue her first teaching opportunity at San Antonio Junior Academy.
     It was at SAJA where she first became “Miss Taylor”. Though she was not at SAJA for long, it would have a lasting impact on her life. Here she not only taught her own younger brother, and members of her future in-laws, the Sauder family, but she also met John Sauder Jr., who became one of her best friends. She both taught at SAJA and studied through SUC until she graduated with her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education with a minor in English, and went into the teaching force full-time.
Miss Taylor served as an educator in Corpus Christi and Dallas, but Burton Adventist Academy became an enduring part of her life, as she served as the librarian and English teacher for twelve years. Toward the end of those twelve years, in 1991, she married John Sauder Jr. Thus, “Miss Taylor” became “Mrs. Sauder”.
     She left Burton in 1992 to raise a family with her new husband. Their son, John III, known as Bucky, Amos, and later Jack, was born in June of 1992. With the birth of her son, she became the name she was most fond of, “Mom.” Ann was born in September of 1993, and two-year-old William Michael Tran was adopted in July of 1998.
     She remained a stay-at-home mom until after the family moved to Conroe, TX in November of 2000. The following year she returned to Adventist education at Conroe Adventist Junior Academy, where she again was called “Mrs. Sauder” and taught for three years. In the summer of 2004, Dottie and John decided to spend more time with their kids, and so the Sauder family was a homeschool household from 2004-2010. “Mrs. Sauder” became a regular substitute teacher during this time, subbing at over a dozen schools for Conroe and Willis Independent School Districts.
     In 2012, her husband passed away, ushering her return to a full-time classroom. “Mrs. Sauder” took on the title of “Principal” at New Creation Adventist School in Waco, TX in 2014. She renewed the title when she went to Tyler Adventist School in the summer of 2016. TAS would be her last full-time teaching position and one of her fondest.  
     She retired home to Conroe in the summer of 2020, but even retirement couldn’t keep her out of the classroom. This school year she taught for 3 weeks at Lubbock Junior Academy while they hired a new teacher, and most recently worked at the familiar scene of Conroe Adventist Academy, formerly CAJA as a long-term substitute in the 5th and 6th-grade classroom.
     She went to sleep in Jesus on December 5th, 2021, at her home in Conroe, TX.  When she wasn’t teaching, she found no shortage of activities to occupy her time. She loved crafting and coloring. She loved playing board games and binge reading. She loved puzzles, romances, and sitcoms. She especially enjoyed traveling and spent many summers on road trips with close friends and family. Her journeys took her to 48 states, including two trips to Alaska, and short visits to both Mexico and Canada. It is also a little-known fact that she was an ordained elder of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.
     Her greatest joys in life were teaching and her children. She has earned her rest in Jesus. May we meet with Dottie, Miss Taylor, Mrs. Sauder, and Mom in heaven one day soon.  
In life, Mrs. Sauder was committed to "educate for eternity".  Had not "the Lord appointed the youth to be His helping hand"?  Her time in the classroom prepared young minds for this life and the one to come.   In her death, she wanted to continue with this effort and made a bequest of over $10,000 towards the Texas Conference Educational Endowment, an endowment that assists students wishing to attend Texas Conference schools with their tuition.   Thank you Mrs. Sauder for your life of service.  Eternity alone will tell of the impact you had on earth and for eternity.   Click here for the archive link of her memorial service.  
Counsels on Stewardship
by Ellen G. White
Many are not exercised upon the subject of making their wills while they are in apparent health. But this precaution should be taken by our brethren. They should know their financial standing, and should not allow their business to become entangled. They should arrange their property in such a manner that they may leave it at any time. CS 328.1

To continue reading this chapter click here.
Gift Options

Every month we include a different estate planning option to advance the Lord's work.  This month we are considering guardianship for adults.
What Is Guardianship?
by Lynette Ecord

Most of us are familiar with the concept of naming Guardians for minor children in our Wills, but did you know that Guardians are also sometimes necessary for disabled adults, or senior citizens?    
 The Guardian for a child is expected to care for that child/those children by being responsible for their day to day care. That care includes providing a home and supervision for a child, food, clothing, and everything else a parent might provide a child. When a parent designates a Guardian it is the hope that the Guardian will also provide love and emotional support for the child.  In other words, a Guardian takes the place of the parent when the parent passes away while the child is still a minor. A Guardian can be designated as both the caregiver and the individual responsible for the assets left for the child (referred to as the “Trustee”).  Sometimes, though, a parent designates a different person, or even a bank, to be the Trustee for the assets left to provide for the care of the children. This flexibility is allowed by law so that a parent can designate the best care giver for the child, and also provide that an individual, bank, or trust company, who is financially savvy can manage the assets for the children.

But what about Guardianships for adults? What is it, and why might it be necessary? The purpose of guardianship for an adult is to protect adults with dementia, mental illness, or other impairments who cannot make decisions for themselves and/or their assets, or they can’t communicate those decisions. Generally, this results in a legal proceeding in court where a judge will appoint someone as the Guardian for the incapacitated adult. In this case, the Guardian decides where the “ward” (the adult for whom the Guardian has been appointed) will live and the type and scope of health care needed by the ward. Court-appointed Guardians are frequently required to post a bond, and to seek the court’s permission before disposing of property, entering contracts, or making major decisions about the ward’s life. They are also required to report to the court regarding the ward’s health care needs, property, finances, and expenditures.  However, there is a simpler way to take care of this possible future need, that will allow you to name the person who would become your Guardian if you should find yourself in need of one.

Many discussions around estate planning involve the topics of Wills and Powers of Attorney.  However, a Designation of Guardian in Advance of Need is also an essential part of a comprehensive estate plan – especially for those who have no spouse.  Just as there is a Guardian appointed for the care of minor children, and a Trustee appointed for the care of the assets left for that child, there are also two separate designations for adults.  A Guardianship of the Person is generally responsible for providing care, supervision, food, clothing, and shelter for the incapacitated person, and may also consent to medical treatment on his/her behalf.  A Guardianship of the Estate appoints a Guardian who is responsible for managing the property and financial affairs of the incapacitated person (the ward).  Just as with a child, these Guardianship appointments can both be given to the same individual, or to two separate individuals.  A Designation of Guardian is very important, even if you already have Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney.

For more information regarding Guardianships please feel free to contact us at 817-790-2255

August 2022

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Summer Dad Jokes

What do bees say during a heat wave?
Boy, it’s swarm!

Why doesn’t summer have any friends?
 Because it’s not cool enough.

 What do you call a cantaloupe in a swimming pool?
A watermelon.

What do you get when you combine an elephant with a fish?
Swimming trunks.

Why do bananas use sunscreen?
 So they don’t peel.

Why didn’t the sun go to college?

Because it has a million degrees.

 What do you do if you get rejected at the sunscreen company?


What does the sun drink out of?


Where do goldfish go on vacation?

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