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January News!

Happy New Year to all!!!


Counseling Services Available

Paula Soto, Founder and Director of Intersections Wellness, is a social worker and yoga teacher with two decades of experience empowering individuals and communities toward wellness.  Noting a lack of effective services for people impacted by trauma, Paula founded IW in 2012, but maintained her psychotherapy practice in a local clinic.  Motivated to provide the most effective and ethical counseling services possible, in a comfortable and confidential setting, Paula recently opened a private psychotherapy practice in downtown Beaver.  Paula’s professional approach centers on compassion and respect for the individual:  “You are a human being.  Not a disorder, a diagnosis, or a list of symptoms.  We each, in our own way, adapt to life.  Often the problems we have, that have come to be labeled mental disorders, are actually normal adaptations to complex life stressors.  When these adaptations keep us from a sense of contentment and security, it is wise to seek help.  Anyone who has experienced depression or anxiety, or has had difficulty letting go of unhealthy habits, knows that change is not simply mind over matter.  I am here to provide the guidance, treatment and tools necessary to help you to achieve wellness and personal empowerment.”



Butler Problem-Gambling Mini-Grant

Spring 2015 marked the third and final year of Butler County’s Problem Gambling Mini-Grants.  Intersections Wellness increased its offerings by adding a train-the-trainer component to the previous two years’ well-received Yoga for Trauma Recovery and Problem Gambling program.  As in previous years, Intersections Wellness collaborated with Keystone Wellness Programs (formerly Community Health Challenge) to offer trauma-focused yoga instruction, healthy snacks, and problem gambling education to women in Victim Outreach Intervention Center’s (VOICe) supportive housing program.  The women (as well as some children who chose to take part!) reported that they enjoyed and benefitted from learning yoga and mindfulness skills that help them to manage and alleviate symptoms of PTSD which, when not addressed, often lead to compulsive and addictive behaviors.  Then, at VOICe’s and Butler County’s request, IW Director Paula Soto conducted Yoga for Mental Health and Trauma Recovery trainings for VOICe staff and for the County’s social service professionals.  Butler County Human Services’ Drug &Alcohol Program Supervisor, Beth Ehrenfried-Neveux, reported, “Paula’s educational programs have addressed a specifically identified service gap…We realize that our goal to create a “paradigm shift” in which everyone in our communities will approach their professional and personal relationships in a more trauma-informed manner is a huge undertaking, but Paula’s unique talents, skills and techniques are significantly helping us to reach that goal.”

Tiger Pause Summer Camp

Summer of 2015 brought a new and exciting partnership for Intersections Wellness!  Looking for ways to improve the reach and effectiveness of the Morado Dwellings Youth Wellness Program, Intersections Wellness explored collaboration with Tiger Pause, an organization serving the youth of Morado Dwellings and Beaver Falls. Tiger Pause invited Intersections Wellness to provide three yoga sessions as part of their summer camp programming.  Kids’ yoga teacher and IW team member Kiley Brady led the sessions, which were enthusiastically received by the younger and older kids alike.  Tiger Pause Program Coordinator, Erica Duffy, remarked that the kids continued to practice their yoga skills well after the classes!  The collaboration went so well that Tiger Pause invited IW to provide yoga programming for their after school program at Morado Dwellings.  Stay tuned for news on this new adventure!



Donation Classes!

Pay What You Can:  Women’s and Youth Wellness

The schedule has been set for Intersections Wellness’ Yoga Basics for Women Donation-Based classes at Beaver Area Memorial Library!  Treat yourself to these relaxing classes; they are welcoming and appropriate for any woman of any age and fitness level. Click here for details! 


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