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Meal to be shared

Currently, the sharing makes even more meaningful. Getting together with family, friends, colleagues, neighbors... talk , laugh, eat and drink. A simple pleasure and a precious moment, banal though it is. Here are three recipes with taste of conviviality, feel free to share!

L'atelier des Chefs

King prawn and courgette risotto with crispy pancetta

L'atelier des Chefs

Chicken  breast with chorizo, mange tout and sauteed cherry tomatoes

On dîne chez Nanou

Meat loaf with fresh herbs


Chocolate treat

Chocolate has three virtues: to be good, to be greedy and to be comforting. Treat yourself to a little sweetness and a healthy dose of fun with this selection of recipes. Guaranteed 100% pure chocolate! 

On dîne chez Nanou

Chocolate fudge cake

Soslow cuisine

Chocolate mousse with avocado and goji

On dîne chez Nanou

Chocolate covered meringues


Detox recipes

Thanksgiving is out of date, Christmas and New Year's Day are coming. Obviously, you ate and you will eat a lot. That's why this month, we propose you a selection of detox recipes. So as to prepare your stomach and your liver for next banquet.

Did you know? When we consume enough fresh fruits and veggies (at least five per day), we’re filled with nutrients that help the body to digest properly.

On dîne chez Nanou

Sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut and curry soup

Soslow cuisine

Winter salad with fennel

On dîne chez Nanou

Chia seed pudding with sea buckthorn puree

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