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Kids-friendly recipes

Some products aren't not really appreciated by children. It's often difficult to make them eat vegetables or fish for example. These recipes make life easier for you!

Soslow cuisine

Peas soup

Soslow cuisine

Easy pumpkin and sweet potatoes fries

Beau & Bon

Fish burger


Enjoy the brunch

"Big breakfast" or "weekend lunch", brunch is an excellent compromise when you don't manage to choose between salty and sweety taste. Take your time and enjoy your brunch!

Beau & Bon


Soslow cuisine

Eggs with fresh basil

L'atelier des Chefs

Sweet almond pastries with orange and passion fruit salad


Hello banana

You can do more with bananas than the old peel-and-eat. Easy to cook, bananas have a mellow, creamy flavor that still suggests tropical sun. You definitely have to try it!

Did you know? if you want to eat them over the course of the week, choose ones that have green tinges on the ends

L'atelier des Chefs

Mango, banana and pineapple smoothie

Soslow cuisine

Banana pancakes

Soslow cuisine

Papaya and banana mousse with homemade granola

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