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Recipes for kids

Pasta, pizza, potatoes... if they could, children always eat the same thing. But some products are more difficult to make them eat, like vegetables or fish for example. Thanks to these recipes, your children will become true gourmets!


Vegetarian croquette


Fish Balls

L'atelier des Chefs

Goat's cheese and sundried tomato samosa with basil pesto


Taste it raw

Eat raw has many benefits, such as keeping all the nutritional values of food. This involves cooking quality and healthy products which will deliver all their flavors during the tasting. Try it, you will love it!

L'atelier des Chefs

Beef tartare served with pan-fried potatoes

On dine chez Nanou

Bream carpaccio with passion fruits and coriander

L'atelier des Chefs

Sea bream and chorizo tartare with fennel and apple salad


Sweet plum

The plum is a juicy and sweet fruit. It's a refreshing fruit, composed of 83% of water, which promotes renal elimination. 

Did you know? The plum skin should be smooth, soft to the touch and not wrinkled. Keep it for a few days in the vegetable drawer of the fridge. Pitted, you can even freeze it without risk.

L'atelier des Chefs

Spiced plum mille feuille with chantilly cream and caramel sauce

Soslow cuisine

Seasonal balsamic plum sauce

Soslow cuisine

Vegan crumble with plums

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