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Newsletter | Summer 2022
Graffiti in Helsinki © Otto Lowe
This graffiti from Helsinki seems to articulate the transition from an age of celebrity into one of vanity and surveillance. Technology is changing the world faster than we can respond to the implications but many of the emerging technologies are transforming the production of works of art in very interesting ways.

Recently, we have been looking at the potential of AI to imagine works of art that have not yet been made… The result to some very carefully-worded requests was a host of sculptural and visual creations sourced and assembled in a few seconds. This software, as it develops, will fundamentally influence artistic production. It would certainly have been embraced by Andy Warhol and the Factory. Factum Arte’s workshops in Madrid exist at the interface between the generation of ideas and their realisation in many different materials. Curiosity is a fundamental ingredient.

It's been a sweltering few months. This has made the physical work going on in the studios a challenge of stamina and determination. Some remarkable works of art have emerged from this particular furnace.
José Menéndez and Florencio Martínez working in temperatures of over 40 degrees to polish bronze panels. Health and safety regulations are in conflict with the practical need to keep cool. In contrast, Le Corbusier painting naked in Eileen Gray's Villa E-1027 offers a refreshing alternative
Marina Abramović, Portal (detail), 2022.
© Oak Taylor-Smith
for Factum Arte and Marina Abramović

Marina Abramović’s Portal is finding its form and will be part of her forthcoming exhibition 'Gates and Portals' at Modern Art Oxford from 24 September - 5 March 2023. The work used light and the physical properties of Selenite to create a space the visitor passes through. Its physical and emotional impact is dramatic.

Muhannad Shono's On Losing Meaning is currently on display at Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden for the exhibition 'Nature and State' (until 16 October 2022).
Muhannad Shono, On Losing Meaning,
Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden
© Wolfgang Günzel 

New productions are also being made for Shezad Dawood, Shirazeh Houshiary, Christian Andersson, Tschabalala Self, Grayson Perry, Paula Crown and many others. Below is a selection of images from the studios over the past month.
María del Carmen Pascual working on Shazad Dawood’s installation for St. Pancras Station.
The finished work will be unveiled in the Autumn
Boris Savelev preparing the new editions of his photographs. The complete editions can be seen here and his work will feature on Michael Hoppen Gallery stand at Paris Photo in November
Amanda Blázquez and Stephanie Ling preparing works for María Carrión for PHotoESPAÑA 2022
Aniuska Martín and Juan Carlos Andrés finishing Michael Kagan’s Eagle, 
before its display at Almine Rech Gallery in London
The final proof for Shezad Dawoods’s tapestry for Homerton College, Cambridge. The finished tapestry will be installed in the next few weeks
Silvia Álvarez experimenting with silvering forms.
Material experimentation is at the core of Factum’s creative work
Bernd Nicolaisen’s new photographic work based on the Bristlecone pines, taking form in pigment, alabaster and printed images on gesso
This 360-page book presents the Zucker Collection of nature prints dating from 1733 to 1902 and identifies over 45 different nature printing techniques, comprising over 700 images and texts by experts in the field, including Adam Lowe's text entitled "The role of Electricity in the Creation of Figures and Images".
Calle de Albarracín, 28
28037 Madrid

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