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What I learned in Mallorca that might just change your business

You might have picked up from last weeks’ blog that I’ve been away on week-long advanced retreat studying neuroscience and quantum physics in Mallorca.

Now you might well ask what on earth has that got to do with finance?

Well, absolutely nothing, and yet absolutely everything, as you will see.

I can’t even attempt to even precis what we covered; I did over 70 hours of online study to just to qualify to attend.

And it was a tough week. And if you’ve got visions of me chilling by the pool, enjoying a little holiday whilst calling it work, then you could not be more wrong! The days were long, starting at 6am and 4am (yes, it was painful) going through to 8pm each evening. 

It was seriously hard core. My brain is still hurting!

My reason for going on the retreat was that I’m always looking for the next level to help my clients. They’re smart ambitious people, creating businesses that make a difference in the world, that one day they want to sell - securing their future, and those of their families and staff.

But growing a business and finding Financial Freedom is tough, so I want to do all I can to have answers, advice, energy, support and inspiration to keep them on track. Working on the numbers will only get you so far, the rest is about the compelling vision, overcoming the limiting and sabotaging beliefs, knowing how to deal with the road blocks you come across, managing or ideally eliminating stress, and creating a plan you know you can consistently execute.

And this course was the at the cutting edge of the science behind human behaviour. Dr Joe Dispenza who runs these retreats has spent the last 30 years getting the science behind the way our mind affects our health, behaviour, beliefs and the future we create.

Independent scientists and researchers also attend his events to measure the impact of what he teaches, and they now have thousands of brain, heart and energy scans to prove the changes people make in just a few days.

As you may know I don’t do fluffy, so I was really drawn to this highly scientific approach,

I’d love to share with you the most powerful ideas I came across; but there were so many so I think I’ll just choose one to talk about today.

Creating the future you, right now

We have an astonishing 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day. And most of these are the same thoughts we had yesterday!

And because our thoughts create our feelings, and our feelings drive our behaviour, we are literally living in the past!

So, to keep moving towards the future we want, rather than staying stuck in our past, repeating the same thoughts, behaviors, actions (or lack of) we need to create a compelling vision of our future. With, and this is really important, an elevated emotion of what that future will feel like.

And we need to keep revisiting that compelling future vision as often as we can, several times a day, because this will create a powerful memory of our future! We will actually lay down memory in our neural circuits of our future before it happens. And our brain can’t tell the difference between real and imagined events so it will start to believe the new future is happening already.

Now what difference could this make?

If you were focussed on who you could become, what you could achieve? How you could feel? Do you think it’s possible you might stop living in fear, in reaction, in stress?

And if you truly believed in your new future, do you think you might start doing different things that will take you towards that future you? And is it possible you would be open to seeing new opportunities that line up with your future vision?

By keep doing this you will de-wire your old programming that keeps you doing the same things every day, and will create new wiring in your brain, the wiring of the new you.

Who do you want to retire?  Who do you want to become?

I loved this idea that we can just decide to retire who we no longer want to be, and start becoming who we want to be, the person who can create that future we want.

To stop living in the past, being stuck in the program of our past.

I’ll leave you with one final thought before the bank holiday weekend.

Is today is a good day to become your future self?
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