Happy New Year 2014


May the light of RIGHT VIEW illuminate the darkness
in our consciousness so that we are able to see the truth.

May our minds engage in RIGHT THOUGHT so that
we can protect our world and cherish all sentient beings.

May everyone use RIGHT SPEECH so that we can avoid
any potential dissension and misunderstanding in this world.

May everyone cultivate RIGHT ACTION so that
there will be no further harmful and destructive actions.

May everyone live with RIGHT LIVELIHOOD so that
we are able to attain a better and prosperous future.

May everyone practice with RIGHT EFFORT so that
we can better our lives and purify our inner spirits.

May we all cultivate RIGHT MINDFULNESS in our daily activities
so that we can avoid creating negative karma and live in peace.

May all sentient beings practice RIGHT CONCENTRATION so that all can
achieve ultimate enlightenment and be able to realize a mind of purity and joy.



大家新年吉祥!很快又過去了一年,回頭看2013年美國菩薩寺監獄弘法非常順利的一年。非常感謝十方的護法信徒,由於你們的發心,菩薩寺能夠幫助更多受刑人。 同時感謝各國的網路幫忙的義工們,網路的時代讓我們共同成就鐵圍內的修道者。希望今年將會帶給大家更多的機會共同點燃很多受刑人的心燈。”世界上沒有所謂的壞人,但有一時無明犯錯的人”。菩薩寺祈求佛菩薩加持世界和平,吉祥如意,新年快樂,阿彌陀佛!!!

Happy New Year

Dear Dharma Friends,
Wishing everyone to have Very Happy New Year.  Another year just went like that, when we look back on year 2013. It was a wonderful year for IBS with Prison Visitation Program. IBS would like to thank all devotees  and Dharma friends for supporting Dharma brothers in California State prisons. At the same time we would like to thank to our online volunteers for their contribution of time and talent. The age of Internet allow us to achieve the goals of our Iron Temples' friends as an online team. Hopefully this year will give us more opportunity to kindle the mind light of many more brothers. " There are no bad people in this world, but there are people who make mistake out of ignorance."  We pray to all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for their blessing for the peace and harmony in this world. May everyone be contented with what we have. Wishing to have fabulous year for everyone. Amituofo

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