November 2022
Next Meeting: Wednesday, 11/9/2022 , 7 PM at the Beehive.  All are welcome
Don’t get fooled by Mother Nature with all this warm weather.  It is coming and we are doing everything we can to make it happen.  From raffles, to working on the groomer, to picking up your new snow check sleds.  We are all feeling it and we all want to be ready when it comes.  Please do all the Honey-Do-Lists now so that you can ride guilt free.  I am!! Please come to the meeting Wednesday night and see who is going to win the 3 TMA’s that are being pulled from the $20 Raffle! We would love to see everyone there.  Our Bee Hive is located right next to the Bailey Airport off Sunset Road in Barre Town.
President's  Message

My wife and I met with some friends, Mack and Mary Jean, this Summer. Mack is a Veteran who served as a medic for the Army in Vietnam. Mack and I were hanging out in my garage one night telling stories over some beers, when he shared his story with me of being in the brutal battle of Que Son Valley. It was an amazing and terrifying story to say the least. Even though some 55 years have passed, it was obvious that it remained a very emotional moment for him to share. Afterwards I thanked him for sharing the story, I also thanked him for his service. His reply to me - "Steve - I appreciate your gratitude; but a lot of us just want to be welcomed back. So instead of 'Thank You' , consider offering a 'Welcome back' to a Vet". I listened Mack, and here's a one for you and all of our Vets on this Veterans Day week. We're all able to enjoy this great past time of snowmobiling because of you.

- Steve "'3 sleds in the stable" Avery

Please support your Club again and let your friends know that Sno-Bees is the club to join. We expanded our membership last year over what we had the previous year. I have heard feedback from new members saying that they joined because of our great trail conditions.  Thanks Matt and Dave for all you do!

Go to our website to purchase your TMA. 

- Francine Perkins, Membership Chair

$ 20 Monthly Raffle

I am sitting here on Monday night with Dave “Midnight Groomer Guy” Watson going over the few last tickets of our very successful 2022 Sno-Bees $20 Raffle. I also met yesterday with our largest raffle ticket seller, Scott “I Rode Every Day Last Season” Lange and thanked him for all he did as well as all our Official $20 Raffle Ticket Sellers for one heck of a year.  Tickets sold and they sold fast.  There will be three (3) TMA’s awarded as well as monthly cash prizes.  Come to the Meeting and see who gets them!

- John “Thank you all” Plante – Dave “Got it done” Watson

Sno-Bees Dinner Raffle

We have streamlined the 2022 Official Sno-Bees Dinner Raffle and are mailing out your number and invite to this year’s event where many memories are made!  Please mail a check in to reserve your number and selection for dinner before the date listed.  We will reach out to those who we do not have addresses for. 

Please spread the word for we always have tickets available. Please also reserve Friday, December 2th  to be at the Elks for this important fundraiser.  As always, we will make this the Social Event of the Season.

For those who want a new ticket please call me @ (802) 249-5543.

- Bob "Ticket is in the mail" Campo

Trail Support Signboard
We've been working on some nice improvements to the signboard. We added a lit US flag, updated the junction signs, and installed some accent lighting on the board. We're pretty psyched for that first night ride to see how it looks!

We've sent out letters to all of last year's sponsor's. In addition, we've had a some new sponsors we're very excited about: MSB - Mobile Sand Blasting; Central VT Career Center (CVCC); and Sky High Slides.  Thank you all so much for your support!   

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a space. The cost is $ 250 for a single 1’x2’ sign and $ 500 for a double 2’x2’ for the duration of the season.

 Click here to learn how to reserve your space!

- Bruce “old sleds rule" Rancourt, Director


We have received new stakes for all to use to sign are trails.  Please reach out me @ (802)371-7423 to reserve our Sno-Bees Official Trail Buggy if you would like this fine vehicle to assist you in your efforts.  I am excited to see trail signs being put up and please do not hesitate to reach out to me or Dave if you need anything. We have been busy on trail relocations that everyone will appreciate.  Come to the Meeting to hear more on these significant changes.

Please remember that if we happen to get blessed with early snow, trails will not be open until Thursday December 16, 2022

- Matt “Fishing be done” Marsh, Trailmaster

Club Merch

Check out our online store for your Sno-Bees merch. If can't find exactly what you are looking for online , feel free to reach out at the staff at Granite City Graphics and they can set you up.

Let's Ride!

In closing, for those that are planning their estates now or in the future, please consider including Sno-Bees in the mix if you are looking to leave some of your assets for the community. Please mention this to your friends and family if they are in this process as well. If there are questions on how to do this, feel free to reach out to me. Thank you!

Respectfully submitted,

John “Need a new sled” Plante


Sno-Bees of Barre

(802) 249-0666

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