October 2022
Next Meeting: Wednesday, 10/12/2022 , 7 PM at the Beehive.  All are welcome
I am just amazed how everyone is stepping up to support our Club this year.  From purchasing raffle tickets, to coming to our first Sno-Bees Meeting in September, it is truly amazing.  This participation is what motivates everyone to get our trails and equipment ready for the coming season. Thank You!  Please come to our next meeting tomorrow night and see what is happening!
President's  Message

Showing my age here a little; but I can remember 'back in the day' (early-mid 1970's) when a full day's ride was comprised of breaking trail around our local trails in the Barre area. My Dad and Uncles would head over to the quarries and spend the day racing around Thunder Road; or maybe set out for the block tower, breaking trail most of the way.  A 100 miler in those days would be considered pretty epic. Many of those rides would be contained to our local club's trails. Sleds weren't as comfortable (or as fast) as they are today; and you really had to work for those miles. Fast forward to today - sleds are so reliable and comfortable making a 100 day seem pretty routine. It's nothing to head over to the Valley Grill in Groton for dinner after work some weeknight; or make a weekend trip to Parker Pie in West Glover.  Either of those trips require the trail networks maintained by multiple clubs.

The point of my story is that riding has changed over the years to the point where we all routinely travel on multiple clubs trails throughout the season. To support those clubs, I like to include at least 1 other 'Club Only' membership when purchasing my TMA's. Better yet - buy an Early Bird and use your savings to put toward a 'Club Only' membership...and you're still saving money! 

While we love to see as many Sno-Bees members as we can; it's even more important that all clubs in our entire region thrive and grow membership. Please do what you can to support clubs where you ride.

- Steve "'87 SRV resto" Avery

Please support your Club again and let your friends know that Sno-Bees is the club to join. We expanded our membership last year over what we had the previous year. I have heard feedback from new members saying that they joined because of our great trail conditions.  Thanks Matt and Dave for all you do!

- Francine Perkins, Membership Chair

$ 20 Monthly Raffle

Got to say it again! Thanks to all who are stepping up to purchase your 2022 Sno-Bees $20 Raffle tickets this year.  We are getting calls from our ticket sellers that they have run out and need more!  Just love it! Please keep it going so we can sell out early this year and have our first drawing in November.

- John “Keep it Going” Plante – Dave “Ticket Master” Watson

Sno-Bees Dinner Raffle

We have saved the date for our dinner raffle at the Elks for Friday, December 2nd.  We will be updating our list of attendees to include your mailing address.  We are looking to streamline things and get a mailing out!  So, you may be contacted to get this info.

- Bob "Ditch Groomer" Campo

Trail Support Signboard
Thank you to all of last year's sponsor's! We had over 50 sponsors on the signboard; but there is room for more. Soon, we will be contacting all past sponsors about renewing their space on the signboard.  Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a space. The cost is $ 250 for a single 1’x2’ sign and $ 500 for a double 2’x2’ for the duration of the season.

One of our Fall projects includes installation of some accent lighting for the signboard as well as a lit US flag - be sure to check it out during one your rides this season!. Thank you to volunteer Jamie Evans for working on this.

 Click here to learn how to reserve your space!

- Bruce “old sleds rule" Rancourt, Director


We have ordered over 300 wooden stakes for our trails this year.  They will be available for when we open up trails this year.

We are doing some excavator work on our Orange trail to improve a problem area.

Just completed brush hogging the Cow Pasture trail with the coordinated help of the Barre City Cow Pasture Committee.  Special thanks to Mark “I Need A New Sled” Cote for his help representing us with this group!

We have our Official Sno-Bees ATV with trailer available for any trail work that needs to be done.  Please call me at (802) 371-7423 to reserve it. 

Please let me know if anyone has special skills to assist us.  We are always looking for help!

- Matt “Fish - On” Marsh, Trailmaster

Club Merch

Check out our online store for your Sno-Bees merch. If can't find exactly what you are looking for online , feel free to reach out at the staff at Granite City Graphics and they can set you up.

Let's Ride!

In closing, for those that are planning their estates now or in the future, please consider including Sno-Bees in the mix if you are looking to leave some of your assets for the community. Please mention this to your friends and family if they are in this process as well. If there are questions on how to do this, feel free to reach out to me. Thank you!

Respectfully submitted,

John “Canada is Finally Open” Plante


Sno-Bees of Barre

(802) 249-0666

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