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Our latest news!
Dear readers,

Busy weeks behind and in front of us, a lot of activities took place and there is still a lot more to come! We hope this newsletter will help you to shape your agenda in this intense period.

Latest news:

- Live Streaming of the Panel Discussion at the Conference on Education for Global Citizenship:
If you can not join us in person at the conference next week, don't worry. We will set up a live stream of the panel discussion "All you need to know about Education for Global Citizenship". Join us online on June 24th from 11.30am to 1pm.

- Next webinar on Degrowth:
Our 5th #DAREtalk webinar with the title "Beyond European growth obsession: rights, justice and democracy for all" takes place on 10th of July at 13pm (Brussels time, as usual) on the European Citizens Summit website (under construction now).
In the framework of the European Citizens Summit 2014 organised in September, this webinar will present the upcoming event and discuss the “degrowth” paradigm as a potential solution for a fairer and more democratic Europe.

- Call for participants: Leadership Development Course:
DEEEP/CONCORD DARE Forum, Development Perspectives and Smart CSOs Lab launch their own learning cycle. Take the explorers journey with us and apply now! Deadline: 30 June.
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Enjoy the reading!

The CONCORD DARE Forum and DEEEP staff
Engage with us
1. Help needed for our next research!
DEEEP/CONCORD DARE Forum is carrying out research into the challenges and opportunities of monitoring ‘Global Citizenship Education’. The research is concerned with both formal school-based education, and non-formal community education and youth work. Help us and share your education frameworks for assessing teaching and learning! Read more.

2. EADI Research Conference 23-26/6 in Bonn, Germany
We will be holding our annual research conference in partnership with EADI, as part of their General Conference  “Responsible Development in a Polycentric world“. For the first time ever the conference will include four working sessions on development education!
Connecting with Development Education actors
1. The Annual Report of the Centre for Global Education is out!
The Centre for Global Education’s Annual Report 2013 has been published with details of the activities over the past year including: the project in Gaza; a report on the Global Educator Course; and  details of new publications, the annual conference and global issues seminars. The report also contains recommended websites on sustainable development. To access the report click here.

2. Global Citizenship Education: An emerging perspective for sustainable development
In the framework of the Environmental Day 2014 which took place on 5th of June the Global Education Magazine published an interesting article about the potential of Global Citizenship Education for Sustainable Development. Read it here.

3. The DEAR call under study!
Looking for an insight on the European Commission DEAR grant call? We have exactly what you need, this interesting study from TRIALOG "A decade of EU13 Civil Society Participation in European Development Education and Awareness Raising Projects" will give you an overview from the last 10 years EU13 Civil Society Participation. The study, as well as a one-pager featuring the main findings of the study are available for download on the TRIALOG website: Read and download.
4. Learning about the effects of Development Education Programmes
PULSE and HIVA launched their paper report "Learning about the effects of Development Education Programmes - Towards a learning centre monitoring and evaluation practice". This report is the results of an action research project (2010-2013) with practical recommendations and is full of interesting learning in terms of PME methods.
Be an active global citizen
1. CIVICUS Advocacy Toolkit: Influencing the post-2015 development agenda
This toolkit aims to equip you with relevant information and tools to enable you to develop and implement an effective post-2015 advocacy strategy. You can either follow its step-by-step approach or simply consult the tips, tools and case studies most relevant to your existing activities.
The Advocacy Toolkit is divided in 2 parts:
Part 1: The Post-2015 Development Agenda: What Is It and How Can You Engage?
Provides a full background on the post-2015 processes and identifies key entry points for engagement and influence.
 Part 2: Developing a Post-2015 Advocacy Strategy
Guides you through the necessary steps for developing your own post-2015 advocacy strategy, building on the information and opportunities identified in Part 1.
A companion to the toolkit, 'Engaging with the Media' provides a guide to the strategic use of the media and social media in the context of post-2015 advocacy.
For further information, visit:

2. "The values rights and responsibilities of Global Citizenship"
A very interesting and mindful blogpost on by the Global Citizens Initiative in May 2014. We say, definitely worth reading.
"A global citizen is someone who sees themselves as part of an emerging sustainable world community, and whose actions support the values and practices of that community. There are two types of values that can characterize our emerging world community: (1) political, economic and humanitarian values and (2) personal values. Each of these types of values is evolving over time, as the nature of  global issues changes and as a greater interest emerges regarding the commomn ethics and morals that underly the world's great wisdom traditions (Christinaity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and others). Read the full blog post.

3. Call to join the action/2015 campaign
The action/2015 (website available soon) is the post2015 joined campaign for CSO's. Even if the campaign won't work as a formal coalition-style campaign, they would like to gather interested people in order to coordinate communication and be transparent about who is actively involved. If you/your organisation is interested in the process, register here. You can also apply to be part of the Reference group before June 30th (nominations to be sent here).

4. Open Letter from Kumi Naidoo to Dilma Rousseff, Brazil's President
Another feature concerning the Football World Cup in Brazil in this newsletter. The executive director of Greenpeace wrote an open letter to Brazil's president addressing the often aggressive reactions towards demonstrations in the country. Governments should learn to listen!
"When people gather to tell their governments that they want them to take action and change, governments should not feel threatened. Instead, governments should allow those voices of change to be heard and respected". Kumi Naidoo
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Save the date!
International Degrowth Conference 2014 
2-6 September 2014 - Leipzig, Germany

European Citizens Summit 2014
23-24 September 2014 - Brussels, Belgium
1. BOOK: Education for Citizenship in Europe 
"Education for citizenship in Europe: European policies, national adaptations, and young people’s attitudes" by Avril Keating (April 2014) presented the role that education has played in the European citizenship from 1949 until now. 

2. EDUCATION RESOURCEThe World Cup: A fair Game?
Oxfam has published a new education resource that worth to be spread! The resource uses the World Cup to engage pupils critically with the question – is the world fair? It includes activities to support students to examine inequality within and between countries playing in the World Cup. It has been developed with independent activities linked to a variety of curriculum areas.

3. BOOKS: Here is a list of best Children's books promoting equality and diversity - a selection by Vanda Carter with the Letterbox Library.

4. BOOKPromoting sustainable food and food citizenship through an adult education leisure experience:
This action research project investigates a community-based, participatory learning approach to promoting sustainable food choices and food citizenship through a project-based leisure experience.
Job opportunities
1. Director Global Programm (f/m) at CBM

2. Global Hub Coordinator at action/2015
Deadline for applications is 1 July 2014 but applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

3. Senior Communication Officer at CIVICUS
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