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Green Queen - Guide to Green Hong Kong
Morning Greenies,

New On Green Queen This Week

It's not always easy to make sense of the bombardment of diet and nutrition advice that the media feeds us (no pun intended- well maybe a little). It sometimes feels like there is a new diet to follow every week and new research showing this ingredient is miraculous and that food group must be avoided at all costs. We've decided to make things simple- with our 7 Golden Rules For Healthy Eating, we cover the basic eating advice that most naturopaths, nutritionists and doctors can agree on. 

We have always been massive fans of the incredibly inspiring team behind Foodlink Foundation- they solve for Hong Kong's latent hunger problems by addressing another of our city's biggest issues: food waste. Read more about their tireless drive to match unwanted food with the hungriest amongst us in this month's Green Queen Giving piece. 

Finally, we share a lovely cleansing salad recipe- easy to throw together but full of detoxifying goodness including loads of fibre. Give our Chickpea, Parsley and Radish Salad a try one lunchtime this week- or make it for dinner with a piece of grilled fish!

What's New On The Green Scene

Seriously over the moon to announce that the world's best chocolate (not said lightly, our team has tasted hundreds of brands around the world), which is made right here in Hong Kong by Chef Priscilla Soligo whose talent knows no bounds, has just officially launched her raw, vegan, cold-pressed, single origin bean, organic, coconut flower sugar sweetened Raiz the Bar chocolate bar collection. After months of having to stalk her down at markets around town only to find out she is sold-out, you can now get your fix from her website. 

The ladies behind Sassy and Living Alive PR have teamed up to launch an incredible health and wellness event! Don't miss Wellness Walk, this Saturday May 9th from 10am and 6pm, you and your besties can tour Central, Sheung Wan and Mid-levels's most awesome health food stores, organic eateries, fitness & yoga studios and eco-lifestyle brands- all of whom are offering Wellness Walk participants a special something something be it a discount or a free gift. Think the clean version of a pub crawl: shop, eat, pose and stretch for your health! Salud!

Hong Kong really is becoming a healthy mecca! We have just discovered Quo HK- a brand new provider of probiotic-packed sparkling coconut kefir water and coconut kefir yoghurt, plus gluten-free granola. The latter made it onto their website because their friends couldn't stop obsessing over it. Shop their online store and commit to your gut health!

One final ask: Jamie Oliver needs you! Everyone's favorite Chef, 
and his Hong Kong Food Revolution Ambassador Rowena Hunt, are looking for signatures for his Jamie Oliver Food Revolution (JOFR) movement- the aim is 1 million by May 15th AKA #FoodRevolutionDay! His campaign aims to get regulation passed for compulsory practical education in schools to fight against the global childhood obesity epidemic. Who doesn't want to get behind that? Sign it here.

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See you soon
Green Queen xx 
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