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Wow! it has been a long time since I updated our newsletter. We have been very busy in ministry this year hosting teams from the World Race and YWAM DTS. We also added a new member to the family. Christopher arrived in August and has been keeping us entertained at night...quiet all day but as soon as the sun sets he is ready to party all night with lots of screaming and pooping. I think that is my side of the family.
Anyway, we are still ministering in the prison, in Mt Paka with the Pokot tribe and at the preschool.
I wanted to share our end of the year letter that we sent to all of our donors. If we have your mailing address you should be getting this with your donation statement.

Thank you all for supporting us with prayers, encouragement and finances. God is good!
December 29, 2018
Dear Friends and Family,
We have a lot to celebrate this year at Glory Shiners Ministries. As I was preparing for writing this letter I remembered an email I
received from my mom. Mom and Dad visited us for a month here in Kenya while Christopher was born and when they returned to the states Mom spoke at her Church about our ministry. I want to share some of that with you because I could not put into words any better what the Lord is doing through your support of our ministry.

Jambo from Kenya!
Miracles are happening to us and all around us all the time. In our land of plenty, we often take those miracles for granted. Miracles are happening in Kenya, too. In a country where most of the population lives in poverty, lying and stealing are rampant, and bribery is a way of life. For lots of situations, “Its a miracle!” is the only explanation needed. Instead of telling about the ministry, permit me to tell you what it is like living with a missionary family and being a witness to the miracles happening in their ministry.

* Between 12-15 people always at the house to eat and never running out of food - MIRACLE
* Having permission to minister and carry the Gospel into the largest prison in Nakuru with 1,500 inmates and allowing Tara, Caroline, Christopher, Roger and me to enter and minister as well - MIRACLE
* 3 men graduating from the regeneration program while in prison, released from prison and then returning to minister in that same prison. - MIRACLE
* Hearing, “You are welcome in our home anytime!” being said to those who have never been welcomed anywhere and meaning it - MIRACLE
* Finding a much needed new battery for your car after 5pm on a Saturday afternoon in Nairobi- MIRACLE
* When leaving after a long weekend to minister to the Pokot tribe having both vehicles break down in the middle of nowhere only to have a car with a driver appear who can access the situation and just happens to have the right tools to repair one of the vehicles -MIRACLE
* Leaving at 5:30am for a 4 hour journey to YWAM base to attend a 10 am graduation encountering 5 major wrecks, delaying traffic and arriving about 1130 only to be told graduation will take place about 2. Then 20 graduates receiving hugs from Caroline surprised and blessed that this family with a new 2 week old baby cared enough to come - MIRACLE
* John - recently released from prison after 6 years with no trial reunited with his family proudly showing pictures from that reunion asking to be allowed to tend the rabbits and chickens and sell to provide some income so that his family can move to Nakuru - MIRACLE
* Pokot tribe is a nomad tribe that sleeps under the stars, believes in God, but felt God had forgotten them. They are hungry to hear the Gospel and are building a church and now Glory Shiners Ministries is supplying a pastor - MIRACLE
* Caroline - a three year old - sharing the love of Christ with everybody, herding goats with a big stick, being lowered in a bucket 10 feet down to build a latrine, spitting like a camel, hugging everybody and giving a high-five and a fist-bump, saying “Praise the Lord” when arriving home after the birth of her brother Christopher - MIRACLE

There is a saying that goes something like this… Preach the Gospel and when necessary use words, Living by example there is a sense of awe and respect for this couple who with a young child left the safety and security of family and their homeland to follow the call of Christ and let him lead as they bring love, joy, hope, and the Gospel to the people of Kenya!
Maybe the purpose of their ministry is having a precious three year old, blonde hair, blue eyed little girl with an infectious smile giving hugs, high-fives, and fist-bumps to everybody. Sharing the joy and love of Christ - I just know it wont be long until her brother will be doing the same. I am created, I am blessed, I have a purpose. Do you know yours?

Asante Asana - Thank you...And yes Caroline, Praise the Lord!

I have no words to express the gratitude all of us at Glory Shiners have for the love and support you all have given us this past year.

Thank you for your prayers, your finances and may God richly bless you in 2019.

In His Service,
Joel, Tara, Caroline and Christopher
Julius, Rosalyn, John, Cliff, Justice and Boniface

Yesu Ni Safari!
(Jesus is a journey!)

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Graduation at Glory Shiners Junior Academy
Medical mission team to Mt Paka with Desert Rose Ministries
World Race team at Tambach Prison
YWAM DTS team praying in Kabarnet Prison
Regeneration Program at Nakuru Men's Prison
Felix and Boniface graduating from YWAM DTS (Boniface is from Regeneration Program and Felix is from Pokot)
Having Church at Mt Paka
Christopher enjoying himself at Mt Paka.
Karam nyoman!
Our dear friend Baba Paka one of the Pokot Elders.
Caroline helping dig the pit latrine at Mt Paka.
Welcoming Christopher to the family.
Christopher sleeping during the day.
Christopher with Mommy
Christopher with Daddy.
Christopher with Aunt Stacey.
Christopher with Karoga.
Christopher with Caroline.
Asante Sana
(Thank You Very Much)
Praying with and for us...
Sharing our mission with others...
Giving financially...

Mungu Akubariki
(God Bless You)
Joel, Tara and Caroline
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