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Published 3.3.2023 • Read all @

#WeStandWithUkraine 🇺🇦


Record Number of Mobile Phishing Attacks in 2022

🎣 50% of mobile phone owners worldwide exposed to a #phishing attack every quarter 📈 Mobile phishing encounters have increased every quarter since Q2 2020 ⚖️ Insurance, legal, healthcare among most heavily targeted

3.3. 02:19 ·

How to work from home securely, the NSA way

NSA's top tips for remove work #cybersecurity: ⚠️ Keep your software and router updated 🔑 Use a password manager and 2FA 🧑‍💻 Separate work and life activities 🔗 Connect to office with a VPN

3.3. 02:17 ·

US cybersecurity chief: Software makers shouldn't lawyer their way out of security responsibilities

⚠️ "Unsafe software / tech products more dangerous than Chinese spy balloons." CISA director says: "Tech providers must prioritize security over e.g. cost, features, and speed to market" #cybersecurity

3.3. 02:17 ·

LastPass Says Employee's Home Computer Was Hacked And Corporate Vault Stolen

Another LastPass breach: “.. targeted engineer's home PC and exploited vulnerable 3rd party software, which enabled RCE capability and implanting keylogger #malware” ☢️ Hacked DevOps engineer 1 of 4 employees w/ access to corporate vault

3.3. 02:15 ·


ISO 27001 (part 1/5): Intro to standard and Cyberday ISMS

We will go through the basics of Cyberday and how ISO 27001 standard can support systematic information security management. We will also cover the 2022 update to the standard.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 8.3. at 3PM (EET) · duration 45 min

Admin training (part 5/5): Operating and improving an ISMS and reporting compliance

We will present ways for successfully operating and continuously improving your ISMS.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 15.3. at 2PM (EET) · duration 30 min

ISO 27001 (part 5/5): Certification achieved - what next?

We will present ways for successfully operating and continuously improving your ISMS.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 15.3. at 3PM (EET) · duration 45 min


new feature

Coming up: Community-section in Cyberday

We're building a new Community-section to Cyberday, which will enable you to easily ask help from us, collaborate with your peers from similar roles / organizations and get ideas...

new feature

Creating internal audit reports

You can now create a one-time audit report for the defined audit scope (e.g. selected chapters of ISO 27001 standard or any other framework).This report will help the auditor...

small improvement

Deactivate a user - re-assign content later

Now you can also disable a user ID in the user management. This works well if, for example, a user in your core team has changed jobs, but there is no replacing person recruited yet...

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