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Published 20.5.2022 • Read all @

#WeStandWithUkraine 🇺🇦


How Dangerous Is the Cyber Attack Risk to Transportation?

⚠️ +186% increase between 6/2020 - 6/2021 in #ransomware attacks at transportation industry. 🚆 Cyber attacks targeting transport authorities e.g. managing train or subway routes could be terrible. Article lists needed best practices >>

20.5. 08:30 ·

Over 200 Apps on Play Store Caught Spying on Android Users Using Facestealer

⚠️ Potentially harmful apps persist on Google Play for avg. 77 days Now researchers found 200 Android apps distributing #malware called Facestealer. These apps masquerade as VPNs, fitness, photo editing, and puzzle apps.

20.5. 08:23 ·

Hackers can steal your Tesla Model 3, Y using new Bluetooth attack

Researchers developed a tool for Bluetooth Low Energy relay attacks. Tesla Model 3 & Y use a BLE-based entry system, so attack could unlock and start the cars. More security? At least there's ‘PIN to Drive’ feature. 🚘 #cybersecurity

20.5. 07:42 ·

When Your Smart ID Card Reader Comes With Malware

A common security control is using smart ID cards for allowing physical access to buildings or systems. ⚠️ But employers don't always issue approved card readers, so people turn to low-cost online options. Case example >> #cybersecurity

20.5. 07:26 ·

Some top 100,000 websites collect everything you type—before you hit submit

📨 Subscribing for newsletter, 🏨 booking a hotel, 💸 buying stuff online? New study shows some top websites collect some or all of this data before you hit 'Submit'. This behavior is similar to #malware called keyloggers. #privacy

20.5. 07:16 ·


Admin training (part 4/5): Automated staff training and guidance

We will present creating an automatized personnel cyber security guidance and training process.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 25.5. at 2pm · duration 30 min

ISO 27001 (part 2/5): Security controls, risk management and SoA

We will present the basics of risk management, defining security controls and utilizing the statement of applicability.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 25.5. at 3pm · duration 45 min

Admin training (part 3/5): Risk management and security control implementation

We will present implementation of risk management in an organization, defining security controls and ensuring their implementation.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 1.6. at 2pm · duration 30 min


new feature

Risk autopilot mode

You can now enable the "Risk autopilot" from your account's risk management settings.This is our newest addition for making cyber security risk management more automated...

small improvement

Risk level showing when linking risks to other items

For example, if you've linked risks to a security incident or change on the documentation card, you'll clearly see also the level of the risk and risks will automatically be listed in...

small improvement

French language available

Cyberday now also works in French. This means the possibility for: an individual user can use French as the language of choice if preferred...

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