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Weekly #cybersecurity digest

Greetings <<First Name>>! We gather you every Friday the most important cybersec news, upcoming free webinars from our team and recent Cyberday development.

Published 17.12.2021 • Read all @


5 warning signs your identity has been stolen

After a data breach, the stolen data is often sold on dark web forums to identity fraudsters. Spot these warning signs: ⚠️ Unusual bank card activity ⚠️ Your online accounts stop working ⚠️ Bills for services you never received #cybersecurity

17.12. 09:27 ·

Inside Ireland’s Public Healthcare Ransomware Scare

Unusually direct and instructive "lessons learned" about #ransomware attack in May 2021. Key points: ⚠️ Initial intrusion 8w earlier, email w/ infected Excel doc ⚠️ IT admins not able to spot "red flags" ⚠️ Recovery costs over 529 M€

17.12. 09:26 ·

Microsoft December 2021 Patch Tuesday: Zero-day exploited to spread Emotet malware

🩹 On this Patch Tuesday, MS fixed #cybersecurity problems e.g. in Office, Edge and PowerShell. Issues included Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerabilities, privilege escalation flaws, spoofing bugs, and DoS issues. Detailed summary >>

16.12. 11:58 ·

Hackers Begin Exploiting Second Log4j Vulnerability as a Third Flaw Emerges

Cloudflare reports cyber criminals are already exploiting a second bug in Log4j utility. "Anyone using Log4j should update to version 2.16.0 ASAP, even if previously already updated to 2.15.0." #cybersecurity

16.12. 11:00 ·

Volvo Confirms R&D Data Stolen in Breach

Volvo Cars confirmed a leak of R&D data, as an unauthorized someone accessed their file repository. Operations took a hit, but so far data suggests security of customer cars or personal data was not compromised. #cybersecurity

16.12. 10:58 ·


Demo: Information security risk management execution and tips in Cyberday

This demo webinar introduces the implementation of risk management in an organization, the reporting / evidencing of a strong risk management process and the automation of various steps.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 22.12. at 2pm · duration 30 min

ISO 27001: Building your ISMS and running it inside MS Teams

Quick intro to ISO 27001 and starting your organisation's systematic cyber security management in Cyberday...

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 22.12. at 3pm · duration 45 min

Christmas break in webinars coming up

We will continue on 5.1. with a renewed webinar set, which will include e.g. a 5-part series towards ISO 27001 certification.

More info coming soon!

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Renewed webinar set starting on Wed 5.1.2022


new feature

Adding multiple participants to documentation topic

Now you can add additional participants who're supporting the actual owner of a documentation topic.

new feature

Better export capabilities on Data systems list

We developed the Excel-export to include all activated data fields in the table - including optional data...

small improvement

Documentation cards display linked elements better

E.g. action process or data bank documentation cards now also display linked data systems, which are connected to these elements via data sets....

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