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Published 17.6.2022 • Read all @


Industroyer: A cyber‑weapon that brought down a power grid

Back in 2017, Industroyer was the first #malware targeted for hitting power grids. ⚠️ In 04/22 Rus attacked grids in UKR. Attack was luckily thwarted, but critical infrastructure is becoming more and more frequent target for cyber attacks.

17.6. 09:10 ·

Travel-related Cybercrime Takes Off as Industry Rebounds

Researchers warn a post-COVID upsurge in travel has painted a bullseye on the industry and has spurred #cybercrime's. Rising: ✈️ Theft of airline reward points 🔐 Account takeover for travel websites 🗄️ Travel-related database breaches

17.6. 09:04 ·

New Hertzbleed Side Channel Attack Affects All Modern AMD and Intel CPUs

⚠️ New interesting #vulnerability in modern Intel/AMD processors can let attackers steal e.g. encryption keys via timing-based side channels. Intel recommends cryptographic devs to harden apps against frequency throttling info disclosure.

17.6. 09:01 ·

Facebook Messenger Scam Duped Millions

🎣 One #phishing scam stole 1M FB credentials in 4 months - and counting. Scam included familiar elements: 🔗 short msg with a link ↩️ chain of redirects to dodge security 🔐 fake FB login 🤖 automated distribution to victim's friends

17.6. 08:57 ·

Ransomware Group Debuts Searchable Victim Data

#Ransomware groups have started regularly threatening to publish stolen victim data on dark web. ⚠️ Latest cunning innovation to get victims concerned is publishing on public internet, with all data available in an easily searchable form.

17.6. 08:55 ·


Admin training (part 1/5): Quick Cyberday overview for new admins

We will briefly go through the Cyberday concept, most important features and support methods you can use on your cyber security work.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 22.6. at 2pm · duration 30 min

ISO 27001 (part 5/5): Certification achieved - what next?

We will present ways for successfully operating and continuously improving your ISMS.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 22.6. at 3pm · duration 45 min

Webinars having a break for July!

When you need more support during July, book a meeting at or contact our team via chat inside Cyberday.


small improvement

New User stats -page

In the Organization dashboard view, you'll now see a new link on the left menu that takes you to the User stats -page. Use this page to see...

small improvement

Trigger a Guidebook reminder for employees manually

You will now see additional information above each guidelines list about when the next notification of reading the guidelines will be sent to employees by default....

new feature

Risk autopilot mode

You can now enable the "Risk autopilot" from your account's risk management settings.This is our newest addition for making cyber security risk management more automated...

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