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Published 16.9.2022 • Read all @


US government software suppliers must attest their solutions are secure

US gov agencies need to start gathering more evidence from software suppliers: ✅ self-attestation needed from suppliers before using the software ❌ if NIST requirements not followed, more explanation / assessments needed #cybersecurity

16.9. 09:23 ·

To Ease the Cybersecurity Worker Shortage, Broaden the Candidate Pipeline

"With enough passion, raw intelligence, and hard work, anyone can be a successful #cybersecurity professional." ℹ️ Article has tips from an experienced CISO for battling the cyber security talent shortage.

16.9. 09:14 ·

Researchers Warn of New Attack that can Unlock and Start Tesla Model Y in Seconds

💡 Researcher discovered an NFC relay attack #vulnerability, by which anyone w/ physical access to a Tesla Model Y can unlock and steal it in seconds. You need 2 thieves, one at the vehicle, one close to the owner. Details in article >>

16.9. 09:05 ·

Say Hello to Crazy Thin ‘Deep Insert’ ATM Skimmers

💳 New #cybercrime tech: super-thin skimming devices, designed to fit inside an ATM's card slot. With these & hidden pinhole camers, crooks are after the magnetic stripe data and 4-digit PIN to clone payment cards.

16.9. 08:58 ·


Admin training (part 5/5): Operating and improving an ISMS and reporting compliance

We will present ways for successfully operating and continuously improving your ISMS.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 28.9. at 2PM (EET) · duration 30 min

ISO 27001 (part 4/5): Staff training, guidelines and policy documents

We will present the creation of an automatized and compliant staff training and awareness procedure.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 28.9. at 3PM (EET) · duration 45 min


small improvement

Recommended tasks for a risk

Our content AI automatically links some tasks to risks. This is done e.g. to automatically evaluate, which risks are in control and which aren't. Now you can also see recommendations...

small improvement

User's owned themes on Taskbook

When you assign a theme to an owner on Cyberday dashboard, the user will now always be reminded of the ownership of this theme also on his Taskbook. This is important, because...

small improvement

Renewed Frameworks-page

We tuned the UI for the Frameworks-page slightly. This allows us to keep building our framework library and present all its contents...

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