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Published 2.12.2022 • Read all @

#WeStandWithUkraine 🇺🇦


Gangs of cybercriminals are expanding across Africa, investigators say

#Cybercrime growing fast in Africa, driven by internet use growth and opportunities due to economic crisis. 🚨 In Nov. police seized 70 members & 50 properties linked to Black Axe gang operating in South Africa, Nigeria and Ivory Coast.

2.12. 09:20 ·

Black Basta Gang Deploys Qakbot Malware in Aggressive Cyber Campaign

Qakbot #malware now used actively to attack companies. Starts with phishing, ends in ransomware. ⚠️ "Attacks are swift, with ransomware deployed in less than half a day after obtaining domain admin privileges in under two hours."

2.12. 09:14 ·

Majority of US Defense Contractors Not Meeting Basic Cybersecurity Requirements

US DoD introduced new #cybersecurity framework CMMC, that contractors must pass to bid for contracts. ⚠️ There's work to be done - now only 13% of contractors are at "good enough" compliance level (CMMC coming into force next year).

2.12. 08:52 ·

$275M Fine for Meta After Facebook Data Scrape

Authorities fine Meta 275M€ and require #cybersecurity changes. 👉 Data protection by design and default was inadequate, as threat actors were able to use "data scraping" to exfiltrate massive amounts of collated personal user data.

2.12. 08:46 ·

LastPass admits to customer data breach caused by previous breach

In Aug LastPass reported a breach - attackers planted malware on dev's computer. ⚠️ Now reports of related breach “using info obtained in prev incident”. Passwords weren't stolen but customer data was, that can cause credible #phishing.

2.12. 08:41 ·


Admin training (part 4/5): Automated staff training and guidance

We will present creating an automatized personnel cyber security guidance and training process.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 7.12. at 2PM (EET) · duration 30 min

ISO 27001 (part 2/5): Security controls, risk management and SoA

We will present the basics of risk management, defining security controls and utilizing the statement of applicability.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 7.12. at 3PM (EET) · duration 45 min


new feature

Coming up: Academy content inside the app

We'll continue to create more different kinds of help contents for you. Currently we are creating a tech to integrate them into the currently used section of Cyberday application.

small improvement

Coming up: Improved compliance reports

We are currently doing development, where we will make the compliance-type reports more informative, so that they serve both you and e.g. auditors better than before.

small improvement

Readiness assessment improvements

We published readiness assessments a while ago. These are a good way to get the work on Cyberday initially started or to evaluate...


ISO 27001 standard updated to 2022 version - what changed?

ISO 27001, the world's leading information security standard, got an update for the first time in 9 years. What has changed when comparing 2013 vs. 2022 versions of ISO 27001 and how are these updates visible on Cyberday?

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