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Published 13.1.2023 • Read all @

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A Fifth Of Passwords Used By Federal Agency Cracked In Security Audit

⚠️ Audit on DoI found 21% of employee AD passwords weak enough to be cracked using standard methods in couple of hours (feat. all-time favourites like Password1234 and ChangeItN0w). 362 of affected employees were senior. #cybersecurity

13.1. 09:23 ·

ChatGPT-Written Malware

🤖 ChatGPT-written #malware is starting to be seen in the wild. Generated code isn’t yet that good. But the trend is worrying, as the tech will get better and can give less skilled hackers - aka script kiddies - new capabilities.

13.1. 09:19 ·

Researchers Could Track The GPS Location Of All Of California's New Digital License Plates

Team of #cybersecurity researchers gained admin access into Reviver, the sole provider of digital licence places in California. ⚠️ Access allowed them to e.g. track the physical GPS location of all Reviver customers.

13.1. 09:14 ·

Multiple Danish Banks Disrupted By DDoS Cyber-Attack

Recent DDoS attack on Denmark's central bank and IT partner Bankdata disrupted services of total 8 Danish banks this week. 📈 DDoS attacks grow rapidly worldwide. They're a big threat when high availability is critical. #cybersecurity

13.1. 09:11 ·

Royal Mail cyberattack linked to LockBit ransomware operation

📮 #Cyberattack on Royal Mail halted its international shipping. This was #ransomware attack by LockBit gang, someone using Lockbit Black - their latest encryptor. Attack crippled shipping devices and caused ransom notes to print.

13.1. 09:09 ·


Admin training (part 2/5): Framework selection and asset identification

We will present configuring your ISMS with proper security standards, managing users and starting the work with asset identification.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 18.1. at 2PM (EET) · duration 30 min

ISO 27001 (part 5/5): Certification achieved - what next?

We will present ways for successfully operating and continuously improving your ISMS.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 18.1. at 3PM (EET) · duration 45 min

ISO 27001 (part 1/5): Intro to standard and Cyberday ISMS

We will go through the basics of Cyberday and how ISO 27001 standard can support systematic information security management. We will also cover the 2022 update to the standard.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 25.1. at 3PM (EET) · duration 45 min


new feature

Coming up: Quick search in Cyberday

We are developing a global quick search for Cyberday, which helps an admin to easily jump to the item he is looking for, whether it is a list, a report or any individual item...

small improvement

Hide supplier info on published "embed" reports

If you wish, you can now make changes to the settings of published embed reports (e.g. privacy notices), so that the information of supplier companies is not displayed...

small improvement

Extensions for employee actions on Guidebook

We've received a good reception for the employee incident reporting features in Guidebook. Now we're going to expand similar possibilities. In the next phase...


ISO 27001 standard updated to 2022 version - what changed?

ISO 27001, the world's leading information security standard, got an update for the first time in 9 years. What has changed when comparing 2013 vs. 2022 versions of ISO 27001 and how are these updates visible on Cyberday?

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