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Weekly #cybersecurity digest

Greetings <<First Name>>! We gather you every Friday the most important cybersec news, upcoming free webinars from our team and recent Cyberday development.

Published 21.1.2022 • Read all @


How tech is a weapon in modern domestic abuse -- and how to protect yourself

Through technology, it is possible to stalk someone with very little effort. Motivations are manifold. This article tells more about spyware and stalkerware and how you can combat technological stalking. #cybersecurity

21.1. 10:49 ·

483 accounts compromised in $34 million hack confirmed a breach resulting in unauthorized withdrawals worth 34 M$. Some were allegedly prevented, in rest customers fully reimbursed. In 2021 platform also suffered a glitch that led to duplicate purchases. #cybersecurity

21.1. 10:35 ·

CISA urges US orgs to prepare for data-wiping cyberattacks

Cyber criminals are exploiting CVE-2021-32648 for data-wiping attacks against Ukrainian gov and businesses. #Cybersecurity agencies around the world are urging businesses to take preparatory actions, like MFA, patching and vuln scanning.

21.1. 10:26 ·

Panic As Kosovo Pulls The Plug On Its Energy Guzzling Bitcoin Miners

🛑 To ease energy crisis, Kosovo's government in Dec announced an immediate, albeit temporary, ban on all crypto mining activity. This created panic, as people are selling off their mining equipment – at knockdown prices. #cybersecurity

21.1. 10:23 ·

FIN8 Hackers Spotted Using New 'White Rabbit' Ransomware in Recent Attacks

⚠️ FIN8 is back with a never-before-seen #ransomware, recently used eg against US banks. This malware uses double-extortion and hides its maliciousness by requiring a specific command-line password to decrypt its internal configuration.

21.1. 10:16 ·


Admin training (part 4/5): Automated staff training and guidance

We will present creating an automatized personnel cyber security guidance and training process.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 26.1. at 2pm · duration 30 min

ISO 27001 (part 3/5): Certification audit fundamentals

We will present the most important elements of a successful ISO 27001 certification audit.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 26.1. at 3pm · duration 45 min

Admin training (part 5/5): Operating and improving an ISMS and reporting compliance

We will present ways for successfully operating and continuously improving your ISMS.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 2.2. at 2pm · duration 30 min


new feature

Skill test results -page

Now admins and core team members will be able to nicely see a full list of employee skill test results and an individual log of done tests.

new feature

Improvements to risk management views and optional "residual risk evaluation"

We streamlined the risk management table and added an optional "residual risk evaluation".

small improvement

ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 frameworks published

These are extensions to ISO 27001, so activating one of these will also activate the ISO 27001: Full -framework.

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