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Published 4.3.2022 • Read all @


Joint Alert Says Russian Hackers Compromised Defense Contractors and Accessed Sensitive Information for Years

FBI, NSA, CISA in a #cybersecurity alert: ⚠️ Regular Russian targeting of defense contractors observed from Jan-20 to Feb-22 Tactics used are familiar: 🎣 spear phishing 🔓 password attacks 🦹 exploiting known vulnerabilities

4.3. 10:38 ·

Microsoft Accounts Targeted by Russian-Themed Credential Harvesting

While crisis in Ukraine is sparking legitimate #cybersecurity concerns, small-time crooks are seeing an opportunity. ⚠️ Phishing emails to MS users warn of a recent sign-in from Moscow, looking to lift credentials and other personal data.

4.3. 10:26 ·

Army of Cyber Hackers Rise Up to Back Ukraine

Support for Ukraine is strong on all fronts. 260k people joined the army of volunteer hackers, set up by digital minister. ⚠️ #Cybersecurity researchers are also reminding - these actions have legal risks and a real risk of "hack back".

4.3. 10:21 ·

Don’t fall for the “Donate to help children in Ukraine” scam

Scammers are active during crises. ⚠️ Latest scam email encourages to donate for refugees. ⚠️ Earlier reports of a Microsoft-themed #phishing ("weird login attempts to your account") Stay vigilant and help through verified channels.

4.3. 10:11 ·

Cyber attack attempts on Ukraine surge tenfold

Security company Defiant, protecting 8300 Ukrainian WP sites, is seeing a surge since invasion began: 🔺 on 25/2 144k daily attempts to exploit WP vulnerabilities (3x normal daily amount) 📈 on 28/2 10x normal daily amount #cybersecurity

4.3. 10:00 ·


Admin training (part 3/5): Risk management and security control implementation

We will present implementation of risk management in an organization, defining security controls and ensuring their implementation.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 9.3. at 2pm · duration 30 min

ISO 27001 (part 3/5): Certification audit fundamentals

We will present the most important elements of a successful ISO 27001 certification audit.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 9.3. at 3pm · duration 45 min

Admin training (part 4/5): Automated staff training and guidance

We will present creating an automatized personnel cyber security guidance and training process.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 16.3. at 2pm · duration 30 min


new feature

Multiple improvements to Guidebook

Guidebook is the view in Cyberday that's designed for all employees. We wanted to clarify the user experience in Guidebook improve its usability. Along with this update we changed e.g. following things:...

small improvement

Quick search on Owner-fields

When selecting an owner e.g. for a documentation item or a task card, you can now just start typing in the name of the correct user to find what you're looking for... ...

small improvement

Connect a unit as documentation item participant

Now, in addition to connecting more individual participants, it's also possible to connect whole units to documentation items...

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