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Published 17.3.2023 • Read all @

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Employees Are Entering Sensitive Business Data Into ChatGPT

Content input to ChatGPT is used by OpenAI to train the AI. ⛔ Data shows 4.9% of users have at least once pasted company data into ChatGPT. Firms like JP Morgan and Verizon have blocked access to ChatGPT over such concerns. #privacy

17.3. 10:11 ·

Business on the dark web: deals and regulatory mechanisms

🦹 Hundreds of deals get made on the dark web daily: selling data, dealing illegal services, hiring crooks - with big money on the table.  Article gives insight into dark web transactions and escrow services >> #cybersecurity

17.3. 10:09 ·

Microsoft Warns of Large-Scale Use of Phishing Kits to Send Millions of Emails Daily

⚠️ New AiTM #phishing kit (sold for 300$/mo) is growing fast in cybercrime world. AiTM phishing involves intercepting password and session cookies by deploying a proxy server between the user and the website - and can thus go around MFA.

17.3. 10:08 ·

Exfiltration malware takes center stage in cybersecurity concerns

📈 Spike in #malware designed to exfiltrate data directly from devices and browsers. Infostealers let cybercriminals to work at scale - stealing credentials, cookies, and auto-fill data to use in targeted attacks or sell on the darknet.

17.3. 10:06 ·

LockBit Claims it Stole SpaceX Schematics From Parts Supplier, Threatens to Leak Them

⚠️ #Ransomware gang boasts breaking into Maximum Industries, SpaceX supplier, and stealing 3,000 "certified rocket part drawings". LockBit's other recent alleged victims include e.g. ION and Royal Mail.

17.3. 10:05 ·


ISO 27001 (part 1/5): Intro to standard and Cyberday ISMS

We will go through the basics of Cyberday and how ISO 27001 standard can support systematic information security management. We will also cover the 2022 update to the standard.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 22.3. at 3PM (EET) · duration 45 min

Admin training (part 1/5): Quick Cyberday overview for new admins

We will briefly go through the Cyberday concept, most important features and support methods you can use on your cyber security work.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 29.3. at 2PM (EET) · duration 30 min

IISO 27001 (part 2/5): Security controls, risk management and SoA

We will present the basics of risk management, defining security controls and utilizing the statement of applicability.

Aleksi Pulkkanen
Starts on Wed 29.3. at 3PM (EET) · duration 45 min


small improvement

Data visible in printable reports expanded

When you create a report of a single documentation item (e.g. audit), we now show more extensive information on the objects linked to it in the report...

new feature

Coming up: Community-section in Cyberday

We're building a new Community-section to Cyberday, which will enable you to easily ask help from us, collaborate with your peers from similar roles / organizations and get ideas...

new feature

Creating internal audit reports

You can now create a one-time audit report for the defined audit scope (e.g. selected chapters of ISO 27001 standard or any other framework).This report will help the auditor...

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