eS4W update includes current news and upcoming events


9th July
Management Group Meeting

10th July
Council Meeting via teleconference call

Dial in details are:
TELEPHONE 1 800 333 803 - PIN 539 151 9725
Agenda items:  
Upcoming Events
Equal Pay Day: Each year eS4W aims for some activity to mark Equal Pay Day and 2013 is no different. We are currently planning an event in partnership initially with BPWA and Marian Baird from University Sydney on Wednesday 4th September 4.30-6.30pm at Darlington Centre, University of Sydney. However we are aiming to re-ignite the Equal Pay Day Coalition. Stay tuned! 

New Funding Agreement

eS4W signed our funding agreement for the period 2013-2016 last week.  Click here for a copy of the funding agreement as approved by eS4W's Management Group and signed by Sandra Cook as Chair and Sharen Page as Public Officer on Wednesday 26th June 2013.


Priorities for Women

- Collaboration Project

Background to the project

The National Women's Alliances are working together to encourage women's informed participation in the public and political life of Australia (as per article 7 CEDAW ) through a website that:
  • encourages women to enrol to vote;
  • highlights barriers to enrolment and awareness of how to vote (elector education);
  • encourages women to make an informed and independent decision when they vote;
The Alliances will also advocate for government to adopt a gender impact assessment (lens) at the earliest stages of all policy development to better ensure that it responds to women’s needs and rights.
The website:

A mock-up of site can be viewed here (home page V2): We are planning on the site going live in the second week of July, with the animations being available as soon as possible after that. We are also working on contingencies in the event of an earlier election.
The “Women – use your vote!” poster . The idea is for us to get as many photos as we can of women holding the poster. Please send the poster out through your networks and ask as many people as you can to take photos with the poster; the aim is for a huge collection of photos on the website. 
Photos can be forwarded to, but we recommend that members with Facebook pages add their Alliance’s coloured button logo to their site and invite people to submit their photos through your page. That way you can keep track of how many people you have reached in your target group / sphere of influence for reporting purposes.

National Women's Alliance Forum

The Forum was held in Canberra next week on the 17th and 18th June. Notes will be available next week.  A key outcome was the Cultural Safety Pledge - to view click here

For a copy of the eS4W's presentation click here.

Social Media

During the last week of June, eS4W held two webinars on Social Media with approximately 20 members of our member organisations attending.  A copy of the presentation can be viewed here

Notes and instructions can be viewed here

Links you may be interested to view

A fair deal for women - latest update

Women on Boards Conference - To read Patti Bellinger's inspiring speech, WOB UK director Fiona Hathorn's outline of "Australia's best export," Alison Maitland's expose on Future Work, Monique Beedles on education at Harvard and Claire Braund's opening remarks visit the website

Current Activities

We are currently working on the work plan for 2013-2014 to be submitted to OfW on 30 July in accordance with our funding agreement.

Current proposed plans on the following issues are being draftedn by Sally Jope as eS4W's Executive Officer in collaboration with eS4W member organisations.
  • Women’s long term economic security: Financial capability
  • Women and workforce education and skills development
  • Women and workforce participation
  • Gender statistics:  data disaggregated by gender
  • NWA Collaboration: international agreements and local advocacy
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