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2014-2015 Annual Work Plan
  • Women into non-traditional occupations and industries
  • Financial Literacy
  • Gender equity in the workplace:  SME Sector
  • Collaborations with NWAs
  • Member Engagement
Other Information of interest
eS4W 2014-2015 Annual Work Plan

As many of you know, each year we re-confirm our priority issues, our objectives, how we see these changes happening, our strategies and the activities we will undertake to achieve our objectives.  We do this as part of our funding agreement with the Office for Women (OfW). Our 2014-2015 is waiting for sign off by Senator Cash, the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women, but we are confident that it will not be changed to any great extent.  This work plan can be found on the eS4W Intranet (Members Only Access) by clicking here.

The Annual Work Plan also has a focus on specific issues or projects we pursue in collaboration with one or more of the other Alliances.  Collaboration involves a coordinated approach to working on a shared issue or undertaking a shared project. This may include undertaking joint activities, directly or financially, or it may involve each Alliance undertaking separate activities to address a shared issue or project. 

There is potential for the National Women’s Alliance (NWA) program to support a progressive thickening of links between Alliances and their members if collaboration and coordination of activities becomes part of the Alliances’ overall way of working. 

And finally, to reflect the NWA program’s emphasis on consulting and engaging organisations, individuals and groups of women who have not previously been represented in decision making and policy advice, our Annual Work Plan includes a specific membership ‘issue ‘ or goal. 

Our 2014-2015 work plan was considered in depth by those council members who attended our Face to Face Meeting in the Qantas Meeting Rooms  at Sydney Airport in early September and continues to build on existing work eS4W has undertaken over the past 5 years.  Please visit - - for more information.

Details are below:
It's time to TradeUp - by TradeUp Australia - an eS4W Member Organisation


Activities and involvement from members
Our aim is too improve opportunities for women in non-traditional occupations and emerging industries with a focus on challenging gender occupation stereotypes for girls.

To this end we want to build on our recent research on "School-based strategies to encourage girls and young women into non-traditional occupations" and invite women working in these occupations and industries to shun stereotypes and become role models to encourage young women to explore alternative and higher paid careers.

We want to engage member organisations and external stakeholders - including individual women – in identifying career exploration projects, role models and women’s networks in non-traditional occupations and industries.  

This information will be made available to girls, their parents, their teachers and the career guidance/development sector via a website.

We urge our members to get involved in promoting this resource to individual schools via their local groups. Keep a watch out for more information about this project.

We also encourage our members to engage with government (federal, state and territory) and its agencies and promote to them the findings of the Career Exploration research and the economic and social benefits of applying a gender lens to career guidance.  Sally Jope, the Executive Officer of eS4W will also be undertaking this engagement and dialogue with government.

A briefing paper has been sent to Council Members and a copy can be found here

What we have already achieved and what we are doing next

‘Know your own value’ is the advice for women when negotiating an offer for a job or preparing for a performance review. The on-line resource launched by eS4W in 2014 MoneySmart Week aims to address the gender pay gap as well as to increase the financial literacy and economic independence of all women, with a focus on engaging and educating young women and on improving women’s superannuation and retirement savings.

Our aim for 2014-2015 is to continue to promote the ‘Career Advancement Checklist’ and to work with Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s (ASIC) Financial Literacy Team as they work with the Office for Women to produce Women’s Financial Literacy Tools ('Building women's financial literacy and economic security project)', to be published on the MoneySmart site and launched for 2015 International Women’s Day (IWD).

To support the work by ASIC and OfW, eS4W will publish, on line, ‘Letters to my younger self: financial decisions I made, that worked well, or didn’t’. Again we will be looking to our member organisations and other women to offer their reflections that will be published (anonymously if required) and promoted widely.

Please look out for more information about this project.

Our objective is to provide online resources that promote the advantages of gender equity in the SME workplace. Here we are building on the outcomes of the National Pay Equity Forum we co-hosted with OfW in September 2013.

To this end we produced and launched in September 2014, an animated video about the advantages of Family Friendly Workplaces. This video is informed by a project of Member Organisation WIRE Women’s Information (and others), ‘Creating family friendly workplaces: better balance, better business’, view at

We will continue to promote this video, with the aim of having links to it from key websites that connect with SME sector.

We will continue to work with Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) on their ‘Small Business Project’ and have agreed to host a consultation with the SME sector in 2015 on the resources being developed for it. You will hear more about this soon.


Currently eS4W is working with National Rural Women’s Coalition (NRWC) to develop a shared position paper on the economic impacts on women of natural disasters.

In 2012 both alliances received Special Project Funds from the Office for Women to develop projects that focused on the economic impact on women in disaster-affected areas in Australia.

One condition of the funding was for those alliances to discuss their respective projects, identify opportunities for cooperation and collaboration and information sharing.

Many of you will know that eS4W and NRWC held a roundtable discussion in Canberra in June that involved representatives of relevant policy portfolios as well as state agencies and NGOs. A report of that discussion can be found here.

We are now taking the findings of our projects and that discussion back to a disaster-affected area to confirm that our findings reflect the experiences of women. On Thursday 23rd October we are hosting this event in Marbury, SE Queensland (between Toowoomba and Ipswich). Please let your members know of this event as we are keen to hear them. More details are here.

Other collaborations include:

Development of an International Agenda
Here the aim is for all NWAs to support women’s organisations to actively participate in international human rights processes and to help them to identify opportunities for using the outcomes of international processes in their domestic advocacy work. This work is being led by Equality Rights Alliance (ERA).

NATSIWA’s International Conference 2015
The aim is to hold an international conference that will ensure a strong voice for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Women, and/or others who deliver strong successful mainstream programs that are targeted at ATSI peoples.

AWAVA - Conference on the prevention of Violence Against Women (VAW) 2016
The Conference will address all forms of violence against women and girls, with strong national cross-sectoral focus, International and national experts as keynote speakers. This will include the exploration of an option to have a focus on training and developmental work in responding to and preventing violence against women, case management for victims/survivors, as well as the development of integrated system responses which may be attractive for delegates from the Pacific nations and other countries.

eS4W and NRWC aim to report on their work on Gender and Disaster and the increased incidence of violence against women in the aftermath of a disaster, as well as the impact of disasters on the capacity of women’s services to respond to women.

Engagement with women from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women and Women with Disabilities

Our 2014-2015 Work Plan requires eS4W and all NWAs to engage with CALD women. ATSI women and women with disabilities.

We are developing relationships with representative organisations with the intention of sharing information and inviting their involvement with our work


The aim of the NWAs is to build a sustainable base for a diverse women’s movement to advocate for gender equality and contribute to informed government decision-making.

The strategies of eS4W are to:

Continue to expand membership and other forms of affiliation (including partners, networks and coalitions) to include organisations that represent women who face barriers to economic security and or are marginalised, disenfranchised.

Review and improve communications with and between Council Members in order to increase capacity to engage with and inform decision makers, and build on the skills and capacity of existing members to support the achievement of eS4W objectives.
There are a number of ways our member organisations can get involved in the activities outlined in the 2014-2015 Work Plan.

Please discuss and contact the Executive Officer to offer your suggestions and confirm your involvement.

Member engagement will be considered at our next Council Teleconference which will be held at the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting

Date: Wednesday, 19th November 2014
Time: 12:30 pm (AEDT) - Note AGM at 12 noon
Location:  Teleconference


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Women and girls play important roles in the Tasmanian community and the five-year Tasmanian Women's Plan  launched by the Tasmanian Government in 2013 will help ensure that Government policies, programs and projects are responsive to the needs of women and girls and are representative of their views.  

From mid-November 2011 until 27 January 2012, the Tasmanian Government sought feedback from women and women's organisations for the development of the Tasmanian Women's Plan. Over 1,000 women participated in the survey and 12 in-depth written submissions from organisations and individuals were received.  

Implementation of the actions contained in the Plan has commenced. One of the priority areas in the Women’s Plan is Economic Security and Financial Independence.  

Celebrating Sydney Women

economic Security4Women (eS4W) is one of the National Women’s Alliances. It is an alliance of women’s organisations united in the belief that economic wellbeing and financial security are essential for women and will enable women of all ages to have an equal place in society.

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