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4th September
Sydney - 4 pm
Equal Pay Day: Spotlight on women in small business

July to November 2013
Women and Money Seminars (2013)

23 August 
Digital Women

29 August
Feminism, Misogyny, Power

eS4W message from the "Chair",
Sandra Cook

I am pleased to advise you that eS4W has been granted additional funding from Minister Collins office to host a Pay Equity Forum in Melbourne on the 5th September.  The pay equity forum will build on existing work in this area.  We look forward to providing you updates as we progress this activity further. 

eS4W's Executive Officer's Update,
Sally Jope

On Tuesday 30th July, eS4W submitted their draft 2013-2016 WorkPlan to OfW in accordance with our funding.  For a copy click here.

July was another busy month.  Sally represented eS4W at a number of meetings and conferences.  A copy of Sally's report on issues raised, discussions had, outcomes or resolutions made can be founhere


The Federal Election date has been announced.  Visit to make an informed decision.  The website:

  • encourages women to enrol to vote;
  • highlights barriers to enrolment and awareness of how to vote (elector education);
  • encourages women to make an informed and independent decision when they vote
The Alliances will also advocate for government to adopt a gender impact assessment (lens) at the earliest stages of all policy development to better ensure that it responds to women’s needs and rights.

1. Women’s workforce participation

Care Economy

Fifth International Conference Community Work and Family 17th-19th July, Sydney University,  eS4W organised a symposium titled The Australian Care Economy - A gender perspective  and presented results of ‘Counting on Care Work in Australia’. Other presenters included Bettina Cass: Investing in care: Recognising and valuing those who care and Nicholas Biddle: Caring activities amongst Indigenous Australians : Analysis of the 2011 census (who was a late withdrawal but his work was presented by Sally). Alison Aggarwal of AHRC chaired the symposium and the audience included Commissioner Broderick and the former Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Brian Howe and his wife, Renata. Link to Program and Abstracts Handbook  The conference was a great opportunity to catch up on the latest research on work and family and most related to women’s workforce participation. Contacts were made and strengthened. FYI EO attended one day as paid contractor and two in own time and at own cost.

ACTU Time to care
ACTU is running a campaign on care issues and have set up a hotline, on line survey etc. to feed into the AHRC review of Pregnancy related discrimination. Visit -

Business Council of Australia Releases Economic Action Plan for Enduring Prosperity 

2.Gender statistics: Data disaggregated by gender (from Dalma Jacobs)
If you follow this link and click on 'List of Submissions" on RHS sidebar you will find a summary of the  917 submissions by topic.  For interest the 10 GSAG topics presented by eS4W attracted the following number of submissions:
Educational institution address/Journey to education -19
Hours Worked - 6
Need for Assistance - 22
Number of Children Ever Born - 11
Second residence/Ownership of other dwelling - 26
Sex -13
Sources of Income - 9
Superannuation (incl Other Topics) - Unknown
Status of Employment - 9
Unpaid Work -22
Interestingly, the topic Religion again attracted by far the highest number of submissions 446 !!

3. Women’s long term economic well-being
The Australian Human Rights Commission has released a new guide called Your Rights at Retirement, a one stop-stop-shop reference manual that will help people carefully navigate the complex decisions, services and supports that are part of planning and managing their retirement.

What’s choice got to do with it? Women's lifetime financial disadvantage and the superannuation gender pay gap - Click here to read the full article

4. Women and education, training, skills development and employability
Training days: models of vocational training provision |
This report considers the successes and failures of reforms to the Vocational Education and Training (VET) system by the Victorian government, and how other states considering similar reforms could learn from the Victorian experience. Click here for the report

Recent Media Releases

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