Welcome to eS4W Monthly update to Council - 15 July 2013
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From left to right AFGW rep and eS4W delegate to GSAG, Dalma Jacobs, from ABS Caroline Daley, Director: Living Conditions Section; APESMA rep on eS4W Council Melanie O’Toole and Margaret Dinan, Assistant Director - Families, Gender, Children and Youth Statistics

  • Acting Executive Officer's Report
  • Priorities for Women Campaign
  • Brief on meetings with Ministers
  • Council Meeting draft minutes
  • July Activity
  • Updates on Intranet
During the month of June, Sally represented eS4W at a number of meetings in Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, raising issues.  A copy of her report on issues raised, discussions had, outcomes or resolutions made can be found here

Our NWA Website - will be launched later this week. The webiste:
  • encourages women to enrol to vote;
  • highlights barriers to enrolment and awareness of how to vote (elector education);
  • encourages women to make an informed and independent decision when they vote
The Alliances will also advocate for government to adopt a gender impact assessment (lens) at the earliest stages of all policy development to better ensure that it responds to women’s needs and rights.
The “Women – use your vote!” poster . The idea is for us to get as many photos as we can of women holding the poster. Please send the poster out through your networks and ask as many people as you can to take photos with the poster; the aim is for a huge collection of photos on the website.
Brisbane Forum Summary

On the 12th June 2013 in Brisbane eS4W's held our forum on "e + t = eS4W?"  Women educators, academics, public servants and members of women’s organisations met at the Women’s College in the St Lucia Campus of University of Queensland to consider if and how education and training approaches could improve the lifelong economic wellbeing of women, the overarching goal of economic Security4Women. A summary of the outcomes can be found here.  A copy of who attended can be found here.
Conversation with The Hon Jan McLucas MP, Minister for Human Services

Tuesday 9th July

Sandra Cook attended a function hosted by Minister Jan McLucas.

  • Conversation around eS4W's work on the Care Economy. Minister McLucasstated that she is an admirer of this work and suggested we renew/retain strong contact with Carers Australia who have gone through some change of late. Sandy informed her that would be pressing our recommendations from the report and expecting the incoming government to respond to those policy positions.

  • Sandy also raised the matter of paid parental leave with regard to small business objection to having to act as the paymaster, and also to our recommendation that it attract superannuation (these matters referred to in our submission to the current review by both eS4W and BPW). She reiterated the intent of work place entitlement versus a welfare payment. Sandy stated that it was a good discussion where she explained that sometimes the employee contacts the employer because they have not been  paid and this understandably causes angst. The reason this happens is because the parent has not notified the Department of the Birth, therefore payments have not flowed.

    Outcome -  Better education needed.  Contact the Senator’s adviser is Sandi Gatt -  - 0400130568

Teleconference with The Hon Julie Collins MP, Minister for Status of Women

Tuesday 9th July at 12pm

Teleconference shortened due to technical difficulties with invitation to re-schedule; Sally to follow up with Minister’s office.
Present: Minister Julie Collins; Sandy Cook, Chair; Sally Jope, Acting EO; Louise Crossman, Women’s Advisor to the Minister
The Minister was interested in our thoughts on:
  1. Gender equity: we mentioned our requirement that all policies and programs be subject to gender analysis;
  2. Women in retirement, superannuation and carer credits.  We stated that while we had not initially recommended carer credits to be explored in a fairer superannuation scheme, we supported the call by AHRC to explore them. We also stated:

    That we support the payment of superannuation on Paid Parental Leave

    That we support the payment of superannuation on all wages, finding that the payment of super on income over  the minimum monthly payment of $450 unfairly disadvantages women especially those forced to hold more than one part time job.

  3. Spoke briefly about our series of forums and the opportunities they presented for more women to find out about the National Women’s Alliances, eS4W in particular, to discuss and make recommendations on our key issues and to network and develop up project ideas that did not directly involve eS4W. About the possibility of holding more in the future in collaboration with NWA and plans for work around international agreements in next funding period.

On the 10th July, eS4W, held our bi-monthly conference call with Council.  Please find a copy of the minutes and action items by clicking here.




On Friday, 12th July, 2013, eS4W in collaboration with APESMA submitted a submssion to Treasury on the proposed cap on deductions for self education expenses announced in the 2013-14 budget.  A copy can be found here.


WAVE in collaboration with eS4W on Friday, 12th July 2013, submitted a letter to The Hon Brendan O’Connor MP, Minister for Skills and Training, regarding apprenterships - click here to view the letter.

Reports to Management Group on eS4W related activities from the Acting Executive Officer and the Finance & Project Officer for the month of June 2013 

Management Group Meeting MInutes from 11th June 2013 meeting.

New Member nomination policy.
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