Equal Pay Day 2013 is 3rd September
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What is equal pay and why don't we have it!

The basic concept behind pay equity is that men and women should be paid equally for work that is either equal or comparable value!

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Close the gender pay gap!
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In 2013, Australian women:
  1. Make up 45.8 per cent of all employees;
  2. Constitute 69.9 per cent of all part-time employees, 35.3 per cent of all full time employees, and 55.3 per cent of all casual employees;
  3.  Earn an average of 17.6 per cent less than men (based on full time employees);
  4. Female graduates earn on average $5,000 per annum less than male graduates upon entering the workforce;
  5. Of the ASX 200 companies, 12.3 per cent have female directors, 3.0 per cent have female chairs and 3.5 per cent have female CEOs;
  6. On average, women have just 57 per cent of men’s superannuation savings at retirement age;
  7. Equal remuneration cases continue to uncover systematic under-valuation of women’s work and skills;
  8. Women continue to bear the greatest share of domestic work and child care;
  9. Australia has one of the highest rates in the OECD of dependence of women on part-time and casual jobs (with minimal career paths) to combine work and family responsibilities; and
  10. Women continue to have unequal access to the benefits of workplace bargaining and are over-represented in low-paid jobs dependent on minimum wages and conditions. 
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