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This is Happening is Happening! 

So we haven't This is Happening'd for a while.
But now that you are reading this, we can consider us current and up to date.

Sound familiar? It should because I said it (and I meant it) back in September 2015, too! What's a few months between good friends? The links are still links and still interesting and fun. Hope you like this issue. Please let me know!

WHAT THE F^%$#? 
Or WTF?!?! 

Over the past few months, friends have, in confidence, turned to me to say, WTF does that acronym mean?
I do not know all the hipster, young people, sexting, texting acronyms.
Does anyone? Can anyone? 
Yet here are two I think you should know just 'cause I know 'em and it is starting to get weird that you don't. Don't forget to click so you know I didn't just make them up! 

FML: Fuck My Life. Let's just say there is something going on and you are unhappy about it. 
SMH: Shaking My Head. It is used chiefly to express disbelief and annoyance with someone or something, usually on Twitter or in texts. 

Check it out for music recommendations, general snark, and fun:
The writer is Margot and you can check out past issues and subscribe by clicking here
The subscriber link above is NSFW or Not Safe For Work. 
The NSFW definition from WikipediaNSFW has particular relevance for individuals making personal use of the Internet at workplaces or schools which have policies prohibiting (even inadvertent) access to provocative content. 

Smarty Mommies has already been listed in the This is Happening world and here's a fab post. Read it now!
Invisible Labor and the Value of Work

What would this newsletter be without some

14 Authors Sound Off On Balance

Man, is my daughter excited about this. There might be some slight projection in there.
Man, am I excited about this! 
FROZEN, The Musical Is Coming to Broadway

This new high end food hall in Penn Station would definitely get me through the doors of  this major transportation hub anytime. Who wants to meet there for some grub in the next few weeks? 
Penn Sy
What to Eat at Penn Station's New Food Hall

11 Books to Read Before They Come To Screen
And they are a comin'!

It's a NEW BLOG by your This Is Happening editor
Stories about books!
Recommendations about books!
Thoughts about books!


Some subscribers have asked, "Where is my newsletter?"
"What is taking so long between newsletters?"
What is the deal? (that is my synopsis and not a direct quote) 
The deal is there is no deal. 
Here's what I have been up to: 
I'm wasting time on the Internet, like you and otherwise, when in the presence of my kids I am trying to be as present as possible and then there are the dishes.
It is so cliched.
But guys, it seems that I am in fact, doing A LOT of dishes!
I also want to be real with This Is Happening and yeah, I do want to bring it back to be monthly. Sure, I do.
And I think I will again soon. But I also want to demonstrate what's real. And sometimes what is real is NOT sticking to deadlines and some idea of how it should be. What is real is being lazy sometimes. Not all the time. But sometimes. 
The notion that I am skipping swaths of months at a time just to prove a point, is a pretty funny notion.
I'm doing this on purpose: throwing This Is Happening under the bus to exemplify you can do whatever you want and still be authentic and ok as long as you are being you.
I think that is what I am doing. 
It was when I watched this video from the absolute beginning to the absolute end that I realized that I was really truly being lazy, wasting time and taking procrastination to a whole new level. Go me.
I am sorry not sorry.
Just freakin' psyched to finally complete that last edit and hit send!

Watch 29 celebs perform Justin Bieber hit

I've missed you and I've been thinking about you, too. Thanks for reading and clicking and liking and loving!

Don't forget to forward and check out the blogs.
This Is Happening

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